How do you access a Instructables that you have started but accidentally closed out of?

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IcepickTony8 months ago

I did start an instructable. I uploaded a lot of documentation, as well as several photos. I selected save. Now that I have the rest of the photos ready to uplaod I attemtped to reenter the draft, and draft is not an option for me under "you". The menu item does not exist. I later received an email that I had started one and in the email was a link to continue it as publish it. When I follow that link, there is nothing there, just my basic page and still no draft option.

I appologize for the my typing errors in the previous message. :)

Kiteman8 months ago

1. Click on the You button at the top of the page, select Drafts.

2. Hover over the project you want to edit, an "Edit" button will appear. Click it.

Kiteman Kiteman8 months ago

(Images censored, because spoilers.)

Yonatan248 months ago

iceng8 months ago

You can access the last save form your page.. -.-. . --. -.

Downunder35m8 months ago

Don't understand your question.
If you start an Ible than it is a draft until you publish it, a draft can be accessed through the YOU lanik in the top right corner...