How do you add MIDI to a Casio DG-10?

I have an old Casio DG-10 and was seeing if you could add midi to it or can build an adapter to go from the 1/4" to midi. or is that not even possible?

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sgilleece6 years ago
Your best option is to run the sound going out through a sonnus i2m, this will instantly convert the audio into midi and there you have it.

Although if you have an i2m you could just do the same with any guitar etc so it sort of takes away from the point unfortunately.
orksecurity8 years ago
MIDI is commands -- on/off/set-volume, basically. Converting audio into MIDI is a fairly large endeavor; it's not just a matter of simple wiring or a few components. If the instrument is digital internally, you might be able to gut it and rebuild it as a MIDI controller. If not...
Clayton H. (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
here is what it basicly is:

Its a keyboard in the shape of a guitar.
Websearch says one of the higher-end models had MIDI out. If you're extremely lucky, the circuitry might basically be present and simply not brought out to a connector, or it might just need a few additional components. If not ... if it's basically a keyboard, you almost certainly could gut it and replace its current electronics with a microcontroller running a keyboard-to-MIDI encoder. Of course that involves murdering its current on-board synth. Maybe. Only one way to find out: either get your paws on a circuit diagram, or open one up and reverse-engineer it. Unless someone has already attempted this, which I couldn't tell from a very brief websearch.