How do you add the gunfire effect on videos?

My team and I are gonna make a trailer for a certain book. We don't have licenses or even the materials for special effects. I keep seeing these edited videos with gunfire that looks so real like "The Incredibly Slow Murderer with an Extremely Ineffective Weapon". Just go type it into the YouTube search box. If my trailer looks extremely real, then I'll post it on YouTube. Oh, and the software I have to use for these effects has to be freeware.

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carrotman427 years ago
As I'm just plain cheap here is the free answer: get the free muzzlefashes from the site. Next effects for Windows Movie Maker :P XP chroma black: Vista chroma blue/green: Okay there is the free option. you just saved $185 :)
nutsandbolts_64 (author)  carrotman427 years ago
OH YEAH!!! thanks
vickeystew12 months ago

Try Filmora Video Editor. There are many special effects that you can choose to add to your video. If you want to add background music to your video but don't know how to make it right, you can use its full-featured mode.

DanC262 years ago
nfk117 years ago
either make real gunfire and record it or go online and get special effects
Just to make this clear, these effects are called muzzle flashes in the trade. You are going to need either Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, or anything better(More expensive). I would use Final Cut Express($185). Go to to download some muzzle flashes and follow their tutorial on keying them out.