How do you ask a girl out when your 11?

There's this girl i like and i know she likes me because her brothers told me but im still kinda shy. can you help me out guys? AND PLZ DONT POST COMMENTS SAYING IM TO YOUNG TO DATE IM GOIN IN TO 6TH GRADE GUYS! Thank you!

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Thrasher25336 months ago

I like a girl and I'm thinking about asking her out but I'm scared she will say no. What should I do?

tylerforbes12110 months ago

guys I really messed up on this girl I like I just started there and I thought I didn't like anyone but I got further on and I think she hates me plz help me

well for one try to get to know her friends if her friends don't like you just move on but if they do like you thats a good start try hanging out with her once ask her if she wants o hangout if she says im not sure then wait but if she says no well shes not into you if she says yes you too can start hanging out then when the time is right ask her if shes wants to be your bf btw im girl so i should know

Sjbraders10 months ago

I am 11 and i asked this cute girl out but i messed up. What shall I do

I'm in year 5 and there is this super cute girl and I really like her, I just have no idea how to tell her. I'm afraid it'll get too late because we are going to different high schools. Please help me! I really like her!!!

what I would do is just stand up and ask her out by text. It makes it easier for me because if it's a no u don't see her feelings about it. Just words! Hope that helped

SammyStepho 10 months ago

I like, they way u do it. I'm going into 6 grade now and I've done the same thing but my friend to me all about her because he lives next to her. Good advise! And I'm asking her out Today!!! 6/1/2017

420scorpion9311 months ago

Tell her friends and the cycle gose around and then you pretty much have the courage to talk

I like this girl thats in grade 5 and im in grade 6 but how do i now whe likes me as much as i like her PLZ RESPOND

flash112151 year ago

im in a class and there is a girl I like and I don't know if she likes me but if I ask her if she likes me and she says no I will be sad and everyone at school will make fun of me what do I do and don't say everyone won't laugh at me because they will and i have no friends and don't say wait because I might be moving to new jersey

I was in your shoes and I learned the hard way what to do. Tell her about your feelings casually and then if she seems exited ask her out but as I said I forgot to tell my crush my feeling and then I moved away... ?

EricB2191 year ago

I have a girlfriend but I like this other girl what d

I know is a bit late like a month late but still. Dump ur girlfriend as nicely as u can wait at least another month and by the end of the month ur girlfriend would probably have recovered from the breach and then u can ask the mysterious girl out

i got this giant crush but now it's summer and I don't know what to do?

Plz help!

hay I'm a girl myself if u want a girlfriend then go up to her tell her that you like her and ask her out if she rejects u tuff she clearly doesn't like u and if it's one thing girls hate is being put under pressure

Drakefan1 year ago

I like this girl in my class and I'm too scared to tell her any ideas thx

ls0422471 year ago

Listen I get it a boy in my class in fifth grade didn't know I liked him but I started to give him signs that I like him but then he and I both knew we liked each other because my friend Kathy she told him for me but since your a boy I don't think it works that way and started to tell lies that we were dating so yea I was shy and I know what you should do write her a note and then see if she says yes to it that's what I did and now me and Cole are dating so yea

lopomg2 years ago

Can any girl help me I really need help and nmye would be very helpful if she messages me back

8801673 lopomg1 year ago

just do what I said above

Jdog20161 year ago

I'm in 6th grade and i got a girlfriend,if u ask her out and she will most likely say yes bc she might be into u,but first u hav to get to know her get close to her become her friend and then go i and ask her out.Make sure she isn't dating someone else bc then u might not become a couple

hope so XD

nmye5 years ago
Ok, I'm a girl and I think I know a thing or two more than the people above. First you need to find out what her interests are what she likes to do where she likes to go favourite food color.When you talk to her though you can't let her see if you are desperate. Hang out with her a bit but keep your friends too. If your relationship ends you have some friends to go to. Then, either on her birthday, Halloween, Christmas, thanksgiving, or valentines day, no other days give her a gift that you know she will like because you will have asked her previously. When she says thank you, you ask her then, no buts. Then. Otherwise it will get awkward. If she says no, just leave it for a bit, then try again after getting to know her a bit better. If she says yes, then you have a date, and you will know where she will like to go. Please reply to me when you read this if you have any questions or concerns. One last thing. Reply to me anyway after you read this and tell me why you like this girl.
lopomg nmye2 years ago

What do I do if I like her but I do not know if she likes me I really need help and I am to shy to go for it she is all ways with her freinds

8801673 lopomg1 year ago

if its that bad try waiting until 6th grade or if your in 6th just go for it

8801673 nmye1 year ago

but he said he's shy. Do you know how much courage you need to buy a present for someone who is shy and 11? I'm not shy at all I'm just like Donald trump I'll say what's on my mind but I won't give my gf a present. ( and yes I have one in 5th grade )

weemee24 nmye5 years ago
oh and the girl is my best friend and i am worried that if i as her out and she says no that it will ruin our friendship!!
Don't worry if she says no and doesn't want to be your friend anymore, that sucks, just get a new one. Jeez you 11 year olds are such sensitive little babies!!

are umpiring me u trippen balls u need to help us not make us feel like sh#t

I'm 11 so please Just help us

kidding me not umpering

same thing happened to me and again now

nmye weemee245 years ago
Oh boy!!! Ok, best thing to do is just do it anyway. You have to make that step before anyone else or you lose it. Usually for good. Usually friends get over that sort of thing, and if he doesn't, just apologize and tell him the truth. You wanted to go out with her so you asked her, simple. Hope this helps!!!
weemee24 nmye5 years ago
thanks this did help and i am going to try it out tomorrow at school ill tell you if it works. wish me luck!!!!!
bdelong2 nmye4 years ago
Well there is a girl that lives close by and I like her alot. I've sent her flowers and a necklace with earings to match but I don't know if she likes me or not. I'm concerned that she likes someone else. We have alot in comon.
Flight88 nmye4 years ago
I also have a problem.Im 11 and the girl I like is 10.She turns 11 in september.She likes me and I like her.We have been friends since Pre-K.Her friends are always telling me to ask her out and I finally did it but something went wrong.Her dad which is a really close friend to me too said "What do you get out of dating?".I didnt respond because I really want to date her but her dad said she cant.What should I do? Please respond soon! Thx
Her dad said no because he's right, you have no clue what your doing. Your like, "Oh yeah I'm so cool I have a girlfriend," but really when your in like 5th, 6th, and seventh grade all you do is hug. Whoopty doo. Face it dude you're way to young. Your not even a teen yet!!!
I also always text her and go over her house and go in the pool or trampoline.She is really nice too and really cool.
sheward1 nmye4 years ago
will you help me theres this girl in my class and my freinds keep telling me she likes me and like her too. however i dont know how to ask her 11
weemee24 nmye5 years ago
hey i need help to there's this girl in my school and me and my friend both like her. i was planning to ask her out on the french trip all year 7 's go on. i told my friend all of this, then he said he was also planning to ask her out then as well!!!!! what do i do????
onegoun1 nmye5 years ago
i need a little help with a girl in 4 of my periods. we know each other and i really like her and i am too nervous to ask her. what do i do? i like this girl because she is nice and funny. she is really interesting
nmye onegoun15 years ago
This is actually really simple. You have to ask yourself if you think you are ready to ask her. If you aren't, it doesn't matter. Just make sure you are who you are. Don't make yourself look like you're someone else. Girls hate that, and since I am one, I should know!!! I wouldn't ask her during class though. Also, it will be easier to ask her if she is on her own, that way you won't feel like there's a million eyes on you. Hope this helps!!! And sorry for replying so late. I'm losing track of time.
88016731 year ago

Just do it when its just you 2 and


Don't go up to her and go

" want to be my girl friend".

Say it like " so I've been meaning to ask

You this for a while and would you by any chance

Want to go out with me?"try to say it like your shy.

Idk why girls like people a LITTLE shy.

I guess it makes it sound cute?

Anyways try waiting a little while.

There are these kids in my class who say they are dating

But now they completely avoid each other

So in conclusion try to suck it up and don't be embarrassed.

you should just ask her at some time when it's just the 2 of you. Also you should give her a ring like i did and we've been dating for 3 months

drake220031 year ago

Im in 6th grade, I like this one girl but im to nervous to ask, what should I do?

just ask her out my boyfriend just went up to Mr and asked me out and we been dateimg for 4 months

DavionD1 year ago

there is this girl I like and everyone says I should ask her out but everyone thinks that me and the girl I like go out already

SolomonS101 year ago

And also brush your teeth very good.

SolomonS101 year ago

There's a girl at my school I'm afraid to talk to and I'm in 5th grade. But I'm going to say if you want to get one dress nicely, shower and make sure you don't stink and have nice hair. That's my ideas but you need to do other things to get one.

please help me I'm in love with this girl I'm in the 5th grade and she and I have been dating but I can't get the courage to ask her out please help!

lopomg2 years ago

Me or someone e

ask her out , no girl wants to wait . It takes FOREVER for some boys and it gets annoying

Polly I need help I like a girl I am 11 I do not know if she like me though it is really tuff to have this feeling where you do not know what to do please comment soon

ChrisX22X2 years ago

I like a girl and we have 3 classes together we've been close friends and everyone says I should ask her out. What do I do?

ok I'm gonna ask her but when she is always with her friends and her bus is late in the morning

I guess I have to realy on the girl I like friends because u guys don't answer me

This is a bad iPod srry for spelling

I. Asked out a girl lazy year and she sayed no and didn't talk to me absent so I'm kinda scared because I'm in 6th grade and if she sayesNo and doesn't talk to me. Again I will hate myself please help


Say when u hold 11 roses in a mirror u are looking at 12 of the mos beutiful things in the world

Guys stop sang be yourself it doesn't help

I'm useing a real bad iPod so it's slow

Dudes I need help I just moved and I like this girl a lot and I'm in 6th grade pweez

e help meh

IanS142 years ago

you should not rely on your friends to help you because sometimes friends can be pieces of crap. trust me i relied on one of my friends once and he just ruined everything. anyways you should just be brave about it and since you know she likes you you should just go for it.

Mark Josef2 years ago

Hey guys help me. Im in 6th grade and im in love with a fourth grader. Turned out she have a crush on my best friend. I couldnt help myself so please help me.

can you tell me how I should ask out a girl on my bus?

You need to hint to her that you like her. Say like "I like your hair today" and compliment her. You can even flirt, just send signs that you like her and eventually ask her out. It's almost the end of the year for me and maybe for you, so ask her out before the last day. She needs to have time to think about it.

NoahP23 years ago

hey guys there's nobody that likes me but it that year when I need to get a gf but I'm a nerd how can i get a girl to like me down on our approach the situation if she does like me please answer

if your a nerd just ask her what she likes the activities together then ask her out

noahP2 I know a lot of girls (ima 11 year old girl) who like nerds because for some reason girls seem to have a thing for the nerdy kids(including myself) so don't be thinking that no one likes you . ( I'm considered nerdy and popula at the same time)

ZainH12 years ago

ooooh yeh im in love...mwwwwaah

i really like this girl but i don't know how to talk to her. because we don't really know each other. what should i do?

talk to her when you get the chance get to know her first. but dont ask her out too fast because she might say as you just met

Just be confident around her which will impress her, and will get your confidence up, even if you're just playing confident. And when you feel it's right, take a deep breath and go for it!

AustinS72 years ago

There is a girl who I'd like to date but i don't know how to ask she is always around her friends

Saboomafu772 years ago

listen, don't worry about messing up, otherwise that's what will happen. For 1 thing keep good hygiene, girls don't like smelly guys. Next, be respectful. Even if it's funny among your friends, girls won't be interested in you when you fart,burp, swear, etc. Hold open the door, even if her stories are dumb, at least sound engaged into it. Next, don't depend on your friends, in fact I had the same scenario, one of my friends found out who I like, he gave her a note that was supposedly by me and the girl, she stayed 5 feet away from me. Sometimes all your friends want to do is watch you fail. and plus the girl will think your wimpy if you depend on your friends to ask someone out. Next, stay calm, if she sees your sweating and can barely say "hi" she will not like you. And the most important thing, sometimes the friend zone is okay. This will get the girl to like you as a friend, get to know you, and u get to know her, but don't stay in too long or else she will think of you as just a friend, in about a 1 month or 2 of being friends, you can ask her out. But if you know she already likes you more than a friend, then theirs no point in waiting. Go get her tiger


ChrisB282 years ago
I know this girl from school that
I'm literally in love with and she
Knows but every time I want to ask her if she wants to go out I always get shy and hide behind the water fountain
BryanS132 years ago

dude 6th grade is were girls like to go out man.... just be cool with her if she is pretty Andy if you don't like her tell her you need some space

WhatnotG2 years ago

um wow. TO YOUNG

Ayericardo82 years ago

just find a good moment like right after you guys have a good conversation and straight up ask her out... The way I asked my girlfriend out was that I just walked up asked her out with a rose. If you give her a rose and ask her out it puts her in a position were she's most likely going to say yes Trust me I'm in the 8th grade

Smedz3dz2 years ago

ur not too young but just ask her it's not like ur life depends on her saying yes by he sound of it. Just ask her tomorrow dude. I believe in u dude! Hope she says yes! If u ever wanna chat just say

Hello i know a girl i like and every time i want to talk to her i get scared that mybreath will stink or she wont like me for somthing im wearing and then also people keep on coming up and saying she dosnt like you but i believe she does she is just hiding it because she dosnt want anyone to know and i keep on getting scared to go and talk to her im in 6th grade and 11 years old. can you please give me advice or somthing to make me not scared to talk to her please and thank you.

LeonardS13 years ago

I'm in 6th grade and I know how to get a girlfriend. First you greet her if you don't know her that much. Maybe chat ion Facebook or somewhere and be kind and tell jokes. Then she may start to like you and now u got to makes move. This is the part of not being shy. U go to her and tell her to come and sit with you on a bench or anywhere and u tell her how u felt about her like " I started loving you when we first met". After telling her she will now tell u about how she feels about you then if she loves u great but if she slaps u well u tried

Hahahahahahahahaha lol

I actually agree whith what you said ( and I'm a girl)

AshtonD12 years ago

I have that same problem I like this girl and I know she likes me because she has been trying to catch my eye but I'm to shy

AlexanderG52 years ago


TaylorL32 years ago

but i have the same prob

TaylorL32 years ago

ur 2 young to date...jk im in 6th grade too

I am asking the same question! I really do need a lot of help because I wanna ask this one girl out - I know she likes me, To be exact, she has actually flirted with me a few times! But like I said, I need help asking her out. THANKS!!! (I'm in 6th grade, too.)

Please, tell me correct information! And hurry! The threads of the future are unwinding, and my small window of time is being shut!

I have no idea how to help you with that situation but why don't you just go for it ask her out and be confident about it

Good luck;)

BillyR13 years ago

hi man I'm in the same situation as u but I figured out that ( this might help u 2 ) u shouldn't ask her out yet just try to keep dropping hints that u like her I'm going to do the same thing so hopefully it will work out for u :-)

if rather have a boy ask the girl out more then a girl asking the boy out

I think every one should go for it :) be confident in your self

DevrimA3 years ago

just say "Hey i was wondering if you would like to go with me to (the next dance). its okay if the answer is no" if she says yes dont get too happy. also theres this girl that i like and i dont think she likes me how do i get her to like me?

jayflie113 years ago

ok so I'm a girl. Listen, all girls are different. If you really like her, and you don't really know who she is, figure it out. She won't reject you. Unless you don't take showers or you talk to much. Anyway, maybe she will think it's awkward to date. Just make sure she knows you like her. You don't have to date to be in a romantic relationship. Ps I'm in 6th grade too

do it? ask her girls don't like to wait i should know since i'm one, dude your not to young or old to exprince LOVE

zkie1233 years ago

I told you don't be obvious and just go out on the friend-zone like what they said.going out on a friend-zone is dangerous...... what if enemies ^_^ or still danger if now loving (DECIDE FIRST)

zkie1233 years ago

No interest in girls.Don't be obvious.............Don't flirt just catch her eye and wait until she abandons yours.Talk? be friends Text? (If she's the first lucky ^_^ don't comment it) know her then say I love you if rejected find another ................

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