How do you attach the stepper motor shaft to the rotor axle?

I have two small stepper motors from a dot matrix printer that was being thrown away.  I have a wind mill ready to go but cannot figure a way to attach my 3/8 rod to the stepper motor shaft.  Any suggestions?

blockrocker3 years ago

Here is one quick example of using an universal mounting hub to attach something to a smooth stepper motor shaft.

seandogue5 years ago
I hope you enjoy them fruits of your commissar behavior Stumpy
karana (author) 7 years ago
Thank you Seandogue. Lots of good information here.  I will look at the couplers and plastic housing ideas.  I am able to produce enough to charge three cell phones simultaneously but the motor shaft eventually breaks of the threaded rod that is turning in the wind. 

I am designing this unit for people living off grid who do not own any electrical appliances other than a hand radio, a light bulb,  and a cell phone.

Thanks again