How do you befriend two cats?

My neighbor's cat just had kittens and i was wondering if they would get along with my other cat who is three years old?

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talty8 years ago
If they're both female, they will be fine without doing anything. If your cat is a female, and the kitties are young (4 months old or younger) your cat may even "adopt" them and care for them. My first cat was a female, and she adopted every cat we brought after her, cared for them, cleaned them, etc. My female cat wasn't sterilized, so this may be a factor too. A male cat may be more troublesome. You have to make them used to each other slowly and safely. Some things I tried is putting each cat in each side of a glass door or window, carrying the little one in arms to see how the big one reacts, or putting the little one inside a pet carrier. You want them to see each other, meet each other, but safely. This ways, they're less likely to hurt each other. You have to be extremely careful if your cat (male or female) is very territorial, nervous or aggressive. If this is the first time it's very difficult to predict how your cat is gonna react, even a passive and lazy cat may turn aggressive and nervous, so always play it on the safe side. You don't want any of them to get injured or too stressed. One nice trick is to get a blanket or toys from the younger cats and put them near your cat, even near or inside his bed. This will help him get used to them a bit quicker. Once they don't seem to aggressive to each other, you can let them meet directly. Make it an open, calm place like a big garden or a room with lots of places to hide. They will want and need to hide if they suddenly feel to stressed, so allow them too. Do this for a few minutes at a time until they seem more relaxed in the presence of the other. You will have to be present to stop them if one of them gets too aggressive. Keep in mind that some cats may need weeks, even months to get used to a new cat. The younger the kitty, the easier this will be. Be patient, careful and give lots of pats, kind words and rewards to each cat when they are good to each other. Be specially kind to your older cat, so s/he knows that you still love him/her a lot and are not replacing him. Some cats may be very jealous and take it on the younger one.
wilcurt8 years ago
If your three year old cat is female, then it should be fine with the new kitten. If your cat is a male, put one on one side of a glass door or plexi-glass and the kitten on the other. This should let them get used to each other. After awhile the cats should be friends or they will be "ok" with each other.
frollard8 years ago
box + cat + cat + duct tape.
Bigev frollard8 years ago
That made me giggle.
frollard Bigev8 years ago
me too!
lemonie8 years ago
You have to try them and see. Other cat is boy or girl? L