How do you build a large rat cage?

I want a large cage for my rats, but they tend to cost $150-200, and I can't afford that. I tried googling rat cage construction, but came up with no great results.

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PieRat128 years ago
Take a look at these webpages:

These helped me a lot when I was building a cage for my ratties. With some creativity you can even turn an old cupboard into a comfortable home for rats.

And here is a calculator to see how big a cage you will need (even though it is always better to have a larger one where the animals have more space):

Good luck! :)
Dapper Rat's always got good ideas for the fuzzlets. It was the inspiration for the cages I've built using plastic storage containers. With careful planning, even though the cage is plastic, you can make it so there's no easy way to chew the plastic (and give them better stuff to nibble). Might have to dig through the photos & write an ible, I think (my first)
Good things about plastic storage tub cages - they're cheap (A$20-30 vs A$100 for metal of same size), they're water proof (no soaked-in pee as a timber cage gets) and it's light weight. Plus easy to open and clean.
Oh and you can mod the heck out of it later
LemonLily8 years ago
I think if you had a plastic box thats big or if you had a tall kid pool, you can make a cage, you don't really have to build it this way, just put in the toys and things. Just make sure your rat won't get out and keep it clean, etc.
  Rats= Chew through plastic. :P
purduecer8 years ago
Also, a quick peek over at the related instructables shows that RudimentaryThinker may have just the thing you need.
K-car (author)  purduecer8 years ago
Haha... we are talking industrial scale here. While this is pretty amusing, I will somewhat reluctantly admit that it is not particularly instructive for a poor grad student who know nothing but synthetic organic chemistry... I can make drugs! Construction on the other hand... I am thinking about 1x0.8 meters enclosure to house my girlies. Based on my observations of rat psychology, I would venture that a 3D maze-like rat environment would best suit their fancy. It should also be noted that it's hard to appreciate the persistence rats have for doing exactly what you don't want them to do. Even if they weren't particularly interested in doing something at first, they will become intensely focused on accomplishing it as soon as you try to prevent them from doing it. They will chew through and *anything* that's not metal if given enough time. They will also get through any gap that's even only slightly larger than their heads (they go comically flat in the case of sparsely spaced parallel bar :P). Greatly appreciate any help/hints/advice!
purduecer8 years ago
Haha, that's an...interesting request. How big of a cage were you thinking?