How do you build a successful working time-machine?

What materials do you need to build a time macchine? How much energy? And how do you controll it? Can you give me some backround knowledge?

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And I Fixed My Oxygen Genrator


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And I Fixed My Oxygen Genrator


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gun4877 years ago
 Well Time is relative, pretty everybody knows the theory by now, Intense gravitational fields can slow down time significantly. So go outside take a fishbowl dremel a hole in it use a fish tube to attach it to a soda bottle and seal it up so you can put it on your head. Now strap a chair and some blankets onto hyperdrive engines sit in the chair, fasten your seatbelt, aim the rockets at your local black hole launch at it and as you grow nearer it time will slow down.
actualy time is linear not relative
time is a ball

a BIG timey-wimey ball
It IS relative. A simple explanation would be ; If time slowed down right now, would we know? No we wouldn't as Our brains are also working slower and we would not know the difference.
budhaztm gun4875 years ago
relative. but the real question is relative to what? or whom? the answer: relative to the person measuring, or the point being observed/orbited
Acquire a chair.

Label it with your preferred method, be it a labelmaker, a nicely printed paper-sign, a fine engraving by a renowned artisan or whatever.  The label must say "Time Machine."

Now, sit in that chair.  You, and the chair, are now traveling forwards through time together.  Pretty much at the same rate as everyone else on your planet is (whether they are seated or not), but you are traveling through time.

If you wish to adjust the relative velocity of time-travel, scoot the chair across the floor and accelerate towards the speed of light.
Uhh, that's nice.
that IS actually true. a working time machine. just at the same velocity as everything else.
budhaztm5 years ago
In my opinion you really cant build a working "time machine". Because all time is is a measure of movement. That is why Einstein developed his theory of relativity. Because as you move faster, time will go faster because time is a measure of movement. Ive been pondering this for a while. Ive came to a conclusion that to speed up time you would have to either freeze your self (not really time travel) or speed up every particle in the universe. To speed up the movement of that much "stuff" would take an unimaginable amount of energy.
So in other words its not possible. Maybe in a couple hundred years but not for at least a century.
Good thought though
I think building a time machine needs lightening or electricity.
___7 years ago
      Seriously?  I mean do you seriously think that the knowledge to build a time machine exists, and if it does, do you think whoever has it would post it on Instructables?
hahahah that is a funny thought but actualy the time travel theory has been established and wel the only thing is due to the design and pardox algrathims we can only recieve messages from a potential future...the idea is using a precise abount of lazers bent in a form of a tubular grid the ide is this would create a form of gravity and increase the spead of light to light particles therby shooting it into the past or the present..just the problem is it will only work between the tiem the machine is on and has to stay on if its shut off once during the time it will not work...also we haven;t been able to map out the proper time length that the beams of light would have to travel to make it into the future or past...its almost there though
i know according to eingnstines theroy of rellitvity the object has to move approx:88-99% the speed of light (299,792,458 meters per second approximately 186,282 miles per second) now keep it on for as long as you want to travel into the future
acidbass7 years ago
 you need a crazy professor a bolt of lightning and a delorean or you need a magical hot tub that takes you back to the eighties
caarntedd7 years ago
I went to bed last night and woke up this morning 7 hours into the future!
jeff-o7 years ago
I built one last year.  It was powered by an arc reactor and it was controlled using one of those Jedi "mind control" toys.  Unfortunately I lost the keys in 2035 and I have to wait until then before I can get them back.
apparently it's all contained in a hottub
Re-design7 years ago
Well, I have a confession.  I'm actually from about 375 years in the future.  I traveled back on the first test.  I didn't think about a way to get back and all my notes are in the future so I can't get to them.

If you manage to get yours working would you please retrieve my notes for my?

Don't bother trying to take me back in your time machine.  I figured out long ago the you have to return by the same method as you came or you get inverted in the process.

You're from 2385? Do you know Bob?

Bob with a mustache?
Wow. Small space-time continuum.
sucker im 376 years from the future =P
Hey, I think I was your supervisor. Did you bring the notes back????
crap i used them to start a fire!
 You can download schematics from http://www.unexplainable.net/1/bend.pdf
orksecurity7 years ago
Mechanical or electronic? Analog or digital? What precision? What size?

If you don't fully specify the question, we can't provide useful answers.

(HG Wells... Isn't that where one gets mercury?)
blkhawk7 years ago
You may have to ask Michio Kaku an American physicist.
Kip Thorne has some ideas. It involved a cylinder about  a light-year in diameter.....
lemonie7 years ago
Read HG Wells.