How do you build an aerodynamic fairing for a recumbent trike?


Well,I did not build one but rather cannibalise from an existing scooter fairing (Suzuki 100cc) .
With just 2 mounting points,one on top and another at the bottom of the fairing,I managed to blend an existing design into my Trike.
Sometimes we do not need to reinvent the wheels. 
Get a piece of sheet metal and start hammering. Or you could go the fiberglass route. Make a mold from various household items and cover it with plastic and mold release. Then lay the glass mat and goop it up.
ANDY!8 years ago
Use some sticks and non strechy cloth and make a cloth one. It's eaisier than plastic ones and good to start off with.
mzych ANDY!8 years ago
There are a few good sites for this. Here are just a couple.
prepare to get creative no matter whose plans you copy. There will be some snags.