How do you build an indoor grow tent with a PVC pipe frame?

I'd like to build a grow tent for a space with a 2' x 2' footprint and have it be anywhere from 4'-6' tall. I'm hoping to get some good suggestions on frame design, how to include a spill reservoir and how to attach the siding (which will by mylar or some other plastic. 

My ideal grow tent would be like the one in the photo, but with the footprint I need (2' x 2'). I cannot find a tent with such.

Picture of How do you build an indoor grow tent with a PVC pipe frame?
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HandySun3 years ago
Buy a roll of black and white poly or mylar. Build your frame, self explanatory. Next, throw the mylar from one side to the other, cut it. Now on the bare side throw the roll over. Next tape her down with some sort of tape. Duct tape or mylar tape will probably work the best. For a door try some adhesive velcro instead of taping it down and you're done.
Re-design4 years ago
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aeray Re-design4 years ago
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Re-design aeray4 years ago
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