How do you change the color of leather?

i have a brown wallet my girlfriend got me that she thought was black (she's colorblind), bc i like black so much. I like the wallet a lot, only problem is it's brown. I tried polishing it with black leather polish, but that hardly changed it.

lemonie8 years ago
Motobike paint You need to dye this, and I'd advise you look around for "leather dye"

Sponge applicators of leather dyes can sometimes be found in shoe stores, next to the polishes. In an emergency, I've done touch-ups with magic marker. Not _recommended_, since I have no idea what the solvents are doing to the leather, but it does seem to work.
muberblob7 years ago
i use coffee, just soak it for 15 mins
You can use markers. Sharpie or what-not. Depending on the color you could use tea.