How do you communicate directly to video signal on a CRT television like this?

Here is this great artist who is sending 1-bit video signals to televisions to create patterns

How is this accomplished? I've used a library for Arduino that allows for this but I think the artist is doing it in a much more fundamental way. Can you simply send an oscillation to the video in on a TV?

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Yes you can send it buy bypassing the vertical input search CTR oscilloscope.



OP did not understand a clear reference to

Google "CRT oscilloscope" for his self edification.

prismspecs (author)  iceng3 years ago

I understand how to turn it into an oscilloscope but how does one avoid making it look like a wave pattern and just draw to the screen?

Google Oscilloscope clock there are hundreds on the net.

It is the same principle to make it do any pattern.

No CRTs anymore

That is Sad too......

I don't want to sound rude so I will just say prove it, because I am within ten feet of more than twelve.

I mean, its a technology which was wonderfully hackable and flexible, and its now passing. TVs don't use 'em, scopes don't use 'em anymore.

I use them I have 3 Tektronix Oscilloscopes 531, 545, 547 then I have Heathkit's, Eico's, and Sencore's as well as spare parts.

I know newer equipment do not use CRTs however prismspecs asked about a specific project by an artiest that used a CRT TV.

Darn I just realized I got that backwards CRT.

prismspecs (author)  Josehf Murchison3 years ago
How do you do that?

These are not my Instructable but the basic principle is the same as one I am working on for a real time oscilloscope. The last one is mine it is a real oscilloscope made by me.