How do you connect three servos to one Blue Lipo battery?

Do you need an adapter? Just could some one help me or make an instructable on how to do this?

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AndyGadget6 years ago
You've had several answers to various questions, but I think you're still unsure exactly what you're doing. Rather than doing this piecemeal in drips and drabs, why not give full details of what you're planning to build and I'm sure someone can guide you towards the best resource for the whole project.
chanman789 (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
Thanks ANDYGADGET I finally know how to build one.

It's probably well worth you looking at the site I linked in THIS answer.
Re-design6 years ago
if your're using a receiver then you just plug them into the receiver and the receiver takes care of the power.

If you're not using a receiver then you need to tell us more about your project since we don't have a clue what you're doing.
chanman789 (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Where can you buy really Cheap RC receivers.
Google "rc receiver" and do you shopping. Where it's cheapest today it will be different tomarrow.
. . . but bear in mind the receiver has to be compatible with the transmitter you're using.
chanman789 (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
I have a Spektrum transmitter.
Great - In that case, you'll need one of the Orange receivers. They're Chinese knock-offs but they get good reports and the one I'm using has given no problems.  Which transmitter have you got?  (Mine's a DX6i)
chanman789 (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
And yes, it has DSM2 technology.
chanman789 (author)  AndyGadget6 years ago
Mine is a nice (but, not expensive) transmitter. It came with a Ready to Fly plane. Since it is Spektrum, I just connect it to the reciever?