How do you construct an illuminated kitchen backsplash?

 I'd like to know how to construct a backsplash like the one shown in the included image. I've hired some guys to help me install a new kitchen and we're almost finished. They sent me to IKEA to get a backsplash, but what I saw there wasn't impressive at all. IKEA only has these ugly plastic 24" sheets under the brand name 'Fastbo'. They're a joke. So I looked on the internet for something that looked better, and found this illuminated panel. 

We've already installed 14-2 cable in 3 places under the wall cabinets for undercabinet lighting. But we just assumed we'd be using those undercabinet puck lights. Then I found this picture and I want to do this instead. What will we have to do to reproduce this? What materials? What kind of lights? Where will the cables go?  
I assume the panel material is plexiglass but maybe I'm wrong. 

If the image does not show up in the post, you can see it here:  

Glass would be a better material than plexi- then add the kind of lights L. suggests. Get the glass cut to size, and then frosted, either chemically or by shot blasting. Then get the glass toughened. Plexiglass will soon get scratched and rough looking, glass should be pretty well timeless.

VicS71 year ago

Check out ATI Technologies North Carolina

violetkitty7 years ago
someone show me a pick of what u think it would look like for me to get an idea
lemonie7 years ago
What you have there is a sheet of glass (I hope) and strip lighting at top & bottom. What they'e lighting them with seems to be LED strip.
See what you can pick out of this: