How do you convert an ATX power supply for car use?

I want to use an ATX or AT 120V computer power supply in my vehicle.  I assume one can just put the 12V supply to the section of the power supply after it has been converted (120v to 12v) and rectified (AC to DC).  From there the circuit can supply 12v or 5v but I'm more interested in the 5v but would also like to run a computer occasionally or permanently (further down the to speak).

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If you really wanted to you could get yourself an inverter and plug the power supply into the inverter.
Horrible efficiency though that way. If you have to spend on an inverter, you may as well buy the right PSU.
I'm afraid that isn't how they work. This kind of supply rectifies the incoming mains supply to ~400V DC (110V supplies are usually doubled). The DC is then chopped back up by high speed electronics, at several Khz, and fed into a very small transformer, with multiple windings: these windings generate the various tappings, 12V, 5V, 3.3 etc.

You can readily BUY low voltage PSUs specifically to run computers in cars.
Seconded. You can get an atx power supply that runs on 12v unregulated (battery/car) power.
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