How do you cook a steak on a cast-iron grill pan?

I bought a cast-iron pan with the little elevated parts to make it more like a grill since I would have to go use a community grill and usually I am just cooking for myself. I have tried different recipes and have either found it's way too done, or just not cooked right (and still cold and red in some spots). I think I am getting closer, by searing it at the highest temp my oven can get for a few minutes on each side, but for a decent cut (around an inch) it seems that isn't actually cooked, and then I put it in the oven for what I heard was a short amount of time (I like medium-rare to medium steaks) and it was very well done... Any one have any recipes that works well for them? Also how do I not fill my house with smoke when I try to sear the steak?

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wupme8 years ago
Ok, and now the method most Chefs reccomend, and wich i think is the only real one.

Heat your pan really hot, and don't put any oil in it.

Salt your steak from both sides (don't use pepper now, the pepper will burn in the hot pan...) then put it in the pan.

After 1 (30 seconds for rare) minute flip it, and then fry till its how you like it
A steak should only be flipped one time, if you do it more often, its not that tender.
Also never use a fork to do that.

Now how to check if its done?
Open your hand (fingers all stretched, but just slightly, don't use any force)

Now bring the tip of thumb and index finger togheter, just let them touch, still no force.
Now press the ball on your hand under thumb (on the palm) with a finger of the other hand .
Then do the same thing with your steak, press it.

Thats a what a steak feels when its rare

Thumb and middle finger = medium rare
Thumb and ring finger = medium
Thumb and pinky = well done

After its out of the pan, put the pepper on it.

Some Cooks also use a sprinkle of sugar before they fry it, because sugar enhances the taste of almost any food, and if its fryed, the sugar caramelizes and won't make it sweet at all.

btw: My father was a chef, and i'm a cooking book author ;)
That is brilliant! Thumb doneness rule! Brilliant!
I don't eat steak, but I love that tip about touching your fingers together for a tenderness scale.
wupme wupme8 years ago
Also another tip for getting a steak medium just by looking at it. When the upper side starts to form tiny sweat like drops, flip it, and fry it the same time on the other side. Gets you a perfectly medium steak.
oldtime5 years ago
the lack od reading comprehension on this site is truly alarming. The original poster didn't ask "How to cook a steak?" or even how to cook a steak in a cast iron pan. He asked "How to cook a steak in a grill pan" which appaerntly is something most ofyou have never seen even though you can buy one any day of the week at walmart.

Cooking a steak in a grill pan is totally different than cooking in a fry pan. To cut to the chase, turn the heat all the way up and cook it on one side and then cook it on the other side. On my stove 4 minutes a side is way too much and will set off the smoke alarm. Under no circumstances use any oil, enogh of the meat gets burned without also burning oil. If cross marks are really important to you, turn the heat down to about medium high.

But for a really good steak, let the pan heat up, and it takes almost an hout to get a grill pan uniformaly hot, salt the good side of a steak that has also been sitting out for at least an hour,open the windows, and if you have a fan option on your heat/ac turn it on, and throw the steak on (good side down) and set the timer for three minutes and flip it for another three minutes and then if you can still see the steak through all the smoke, pepper the good side which will now be up.

when done, I never wash my grill pan. I put it away dirty. Before I use it, I have a brush I use to get it clean under hot water, and never dry it off, just put it on the high heat for it's next endeavor.

A grill pan used exclusively for high heat steaks will never look seasoned and will ususally be rusty due to the fact that the high heat burns off all the seasoning. One of the nice things about grill pans is you can use it for other lower heat applications which require tomatoe based sauces which gunks up a pan, and that is something I would never do with my seasoned flat cast iron fryyng pan.
ccatson7 years ago

(rreference someone said) First, let the steaks stand at least an hour or two at room temperature that is very important and helps the steaks from becoming too tough. It is rough if the steaks are cold to have them cook evenly. The cast iron grill pan should be very very hot, on high heat. You may want to open up windows. Right before you add the streaks brush some vegetable oil lightly on the pan. Grill the steaks 3 – 4 minutes on each side. Do not touch until them until the 3 – 4 minutes is up. After they are done, let them stand 10 minutes before you cut them. This lets the juices settle back into the meat. A dab of butter with maybe garlic on top of the steaks and let that melt into the steak. Serve.

Burf8 years ago
Here's how I do it: Get a nice piece of meat, Porterhouse is best but a sirloin will be pretty tasty too. Take the steak out of the packaging and let it set on the counter for 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour. Brush the steak with a light coat of virgin olive oil. Season with onion powder, garlic powder, salt and black pepper (all to taste.) Put the grill on a stove top burner, turn on the stove vent and heat the grill until a water drop sizzles and skips across the metal. Never spear or puncture the meat with a fork or knife, use tongs or a spatula. Center the steak on the grill and cook for 3 minutes, turn the steak over and cook for another 3 minutes. Depending on the thickness of the steak this usually renders a medium-rare to medium doneness. If the steak isn't quite done enough for you tastes, put it in a hot oven for a couple more minutes. You can test by pressing with a fingertip but it takes a little experience to learn exactly what you're looking for.
origamiguy Burf7 years ago
same way I do it except I don't use a grill but my old black cast iron skillet as I like to get the benefit of the iron. Also, I think the person that asked the original question must not have a stove vent or they would have known to turn it on and not asked how to not smoke up the kitchen when searing....
pecker8 years ago
Any steak will take 10 minutes. Heat the oven to 180degC. Heat the pan to med-high temperature. For rare, 1 minute on each side, then in the oven for 8 minutes. For medium rare, 2 minutes on each side then in the oven for 6 minutes. and so on. Works for me
I refuse to eat a steak any other way than this. Get a steak Get some Rock Salt Put the cast iron pan on the stove (dont turn on the stove just yet) put the rock salt on the steak for 1 hour in the fridge, both sides after the hour, brush off all the salt then, turn on the stove about medium to low heat with a little oil (depending on the size of the pan) throw the steak in, if you're not sure if its done, cut it open, if its the right amount of pink and brown, its done. Best Steak Ever. Period.
chiok8 years ago
Zedvaint has the right idea in my opinion. When it comes to a griddle pan (big, heavy, difficult to clean), oil the meat, not the pan. Heat pan to hot hot so you get good charred bits. 1 min, 1.30 min each side and then transfer to another plate for a moderate oven to cook it through. Most steak in the UK isn't so thick that it needs putting in an oven to finish off. Since you like it medium/medium-rare, it'll only need to go in the oven for a few minutes. Do transfer the steak from the griddle to a tray when you put it in the oven or it'll burn on the griddle. Also I don't put the pepper on the steak until it's seared as I finds it burns when it first goes in the pan.
Fox.did8 years ago
Hey im Fox.did (Dutch) First get some salt and pepper (Or some Beef Spices) If u use beef spices Spice Both sides, Torougly If you use salt and pepper Use it accourding to taste Experiment with the amounts! Now, Get your pan Good hot! (Use Butter) When the pan is Hot, Drop your Steak in the pan, Now Fry The down side 1 and a half minute. Then turn it and Fry the other side 1 and a half minute The steak is now Niceley brown and Closed you should see no red on the outside, The inside is now Nice red. Dont use a fork to Poke it, Use your finger or a spoon, The juices need to be trapped inside since you are Burning the sides Close in the pan, Gratz, Fox a 15 year old Cooking student in the dutch
thebatman8 years ago
I can give you a couple of recommendations. First i always cook steak on a stove so heat up the pan to medium(should take a while), when its hot enough(drop a drop of water, if it sizzles its the right temp for me. Before you put the steak on, oil your pan with olive oil so it doesnt stick to your steak. Then I flip it every 4-5 mins. till its rare/med rare. The way to tell how cooked a steak is to press on it with a finger or a fork. What your feeling for is how firm the beef is, compare it to raw meat when you start. For mine i like to have a good indention with my finger. Anyway good luck, and try coating your steak with dry mustard and mixing it with tabasco til you get a thick paste. Hellfire steaks are great, remember lots of pepper.
Sorry, but no! Never press your steak with a fork, do it with your fingers instead. Every time you prick meat, it will loose some of its juices. Also, you never oil a grill pan. The oil will burn and create a lot of smoke without doing anything. It is much smarter to oil the meat - but lightly, normally I just rub it on with my fingers. The way I do it: Heat the pan to full temperature. When it is really hot, fry the steak on one side for about a minute. Flip to side "B", give it another minute. Flip back to side "A", but this time you turn your steak at about 30-40 degrees (to create a nice pattern on the meat). After another minute flip back to B, give it another 60 seconds, then transfer the steak to a warm - not hot - platter and put it in a pre-heated oven to rest for about 8 minutes. Times will vary, depending on the size an thickness of the steak. I like mine relatively thick.
I flip it ever 4-5min also, but will also use 1/3C Worcestershire (sp) sauce, 1 Tbsp of minced garlic, and a light dusting of garlic salt. With enough sauce in the pan, it cooks down to a thicker sauce, and with the juices from the steak, makes a great steak sauce
goodgnus8 years ago
This is the method I found awhile back and use when not grilling: (i don't use cayenne pepper mentioned though).

Do you have a stove hood to pull smoke out of the house?