How do you create pixel art in Flash?

I've seen pixel art in Flash games such as Canabalt, but seeing as Flash is a vector program, how is this possible?

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itzmrrip6 years ago
I saw this tutorial once that said you can draw something in flash and then transform it to a sprite. it was on a website called Tutcity.com
Berkin (author)  itzmrrip6 years ago
But no pixel art? :(
Re-design6 years ago
Do the art in photoshop or something that you are used to using that is pixel based and import them into flash for manipulation.
Berkin (author)  Re-design6 years ago
Every frame of it?
lemonie6 years ago
Don't they use some kind of sprite-system?

Berkin (author)  lemonie6 years ago
I'm not sure.
lemonie Berkin6 years ago
If you think of e.g. cats / badgers, it's the same image moved / scaled like Doom. The user manual should explain how to work with sprites (or whatever else they may be called)?