How do you delete music off of a music CD-R?

I need to know because i don't like the music on it and i want to put new music on the CD so i can give it to a friend.

Burf4 years ago
You don't. Once a CD-R is burned, its there for the life of the disk. On a CD-R/W you just burn the new tracks over the old ones, similar to the way it is done with magnetic media.
acidbass (author)  Burf4 years ago
..........crap........thanks burf
thimm3 years ago
Put the CD that you would like to remove the music from into the CD drive.

Click on the start menu on the lower left hand of your screen

Click on the My Computer icon

Find the icon that looks like a CD drive.

Right mouse click on that drive letter and then select explore. All of the music files on the CD will appear in a window.

Right mouse click on the file or files you would like to erase and select delete from the menu.

how do u delete songs off a blank cd

ncorney thimm3 years ago
Except that doesn't work...
thimm3 years ago
this is on

just find it here :]]
acidbass (author)  thimm3 years ago
yep found it thanks