How do you dry your hair quicky without using a blow dryer?


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Gorfram8 years ago
Move to Arizona. :)

Or - squeeze out all the water you can, towel-dry it (with one of those super-absorbent microfiber towels if you've got/can get one), comb it out, and then stand in front of a fan or a heating vent while you keep combing and fluffing until it's dry.
shann.rox (author)  Gorfram8 years ago
 oh yeah, i should have used a fan!!! thanks! that is a good idea, and im going to go get a microfibre towel as soon as i can because im sick of having a wet back after swimming
orksecurity8 years ago
Or: Stand outside in midwinter, wait for water to start to freeze, comb it out of your hair. (I used to do this as a kid. It does work. It probably isn't good for either your hair or your health.)
shann.rox (author)  orksecurity8 years ago
it doesnt snow where i liv, and it's proably not good 2 go outside when your hair is wet if the water will freeze but thanks
hey shann.rox talk  bored out my mind
Re-design8 years ago
Have a friend drive you at medium speeds while you hang you head out the side window like a dog.  You could use the sunroof if available.

This should be undertaken with the utmost caution since if the proximity of stationary objects on the route is too close portions of the body extending outside the protection of the car envelope may be damaged or removed entirely.
shann.rox (author)  Re-design8 years ago
 lol,thanks,  i'd try that but i dont no anyone who would drive me
ash rox8 years ago
Whats wrong with a blow dryer? I put it up to its highest level and shake my hair while drying. It only takes a minute.
shann.rox (author)  ash rox8 years ago
 hey ash!!!! thanx 4 answering!!
the problem  with the blow dryer is that i was not supposed 2 wash my hair and i didn't want my mum to see me with wet hair or to hear the blow dryer.
u have straight hair as well, normally i blow dry my hair before i straighten it and last time i did it my hair woz standing straight up from my head
northantrim8 years ago
Scrub like mad with a towel it works in seconds!

Just leave it a bit wet to brush it or it goes fuzzy
shann.rox (author)  northantrim8 years ago
 i did that but i was trying to make it fully dry, and my hair is fuzzy what ever i do so yeah, this was the best thing that i could think off