How do you enter the Singer Instructable Contest??

I can't seem to get past the official rules. I need to know where to send the pictures or do I downlioad them and email everything to you. If I do, where do I email it to? If it's not by email, please give me an address I can mail an entry to. Thank you, Janina

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Re-design8 years ago
On the contest page did you click the link that says "View contest now!"? That should take you to a "Singer" page. On the Singer page did you click in the box to the upper right under the orange "Contest"? There is a orange link that says "Enter yours now".
That's for entering projects you have already written.
snowluver8 years ago
idk its just fun to  answer these things
kelseymh8 years ago
lemonie8 years ago
You need to submit an Instructable, when you get to the point of publishing it you'll have the option to enter it (until the 13th)