How do you find an agent for kids to become famous?

 I really would like to be famous, and everyone says that i'm a great actor and full of life.

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30124321 year ago

I want to be a famous singer but how?

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EbonyS2 years ago
EbonyS EbonyS2 years ago

i want to become a famous singer and dancer but how

i want to become a famous dancer but how

i want to become a famous singer
i want to be famous singer to in life i made 3 songs of my own and i belive u can do it on your own
lemonie7 years ago
There are several options open to you:
Learn how to be a great actor and slog through your career path until someone recognises your talent and you get a well-paid job in TV / Film.
Get yourself on a reality-TV show, and make the best of that.
Get an agent to find you work, doing crappy stuff like adverts for a start, but if you shine they'll find you something better.

sncube lemonie6 years ago
i realy want to be on nickeloadeon but im olny 8 is ther a way how
jimamily7 years ago
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deelowrey7 years ago
Post your photo on  They have monthly contests with top talent agencies.  They also have many links to modeling/acting auditions across the country.
orksecurity7 years ago
Getting an agent, and becoming famous, are very different things.

I know kids who are occasionally acting in commercials and short films. It has been a VERY long slog, and they aren't famous by any means and may never be. I don't actually think they have agents; they're just on call when the casting agency they've worked with has a part that might be suitable for them.

There are lots of kids who are "great actors" in the sense used when describing kids. There aren't many who are even _good_ actors in the sense used when describing professionals. It's a skill. It takes practice.

As others have said: If you want to become famous, it's up to you to do something worth being famous for. That takes climbing the ladder. Lots and lots of work. An agent won't even talk to you until it's clear that you can make sufficient money that their commission will more than pay for the time they spend on you, and that's usually many years after you've been acting on a regular basis.

Start by getting work.

Take acting, dance and voice lessons, even if you don't think you need them. Especially if you don't think you need them. Learn some stage combat, acrobatics, clowning, improvisation, and every other performance-related skill you can think of.

Audition for plays in your area at every opportunity. When you get cast in a show, be professional. Show up on time for rehearsals, learn your lines, don't be a distraction when you're not on stage.  Make your parents drop you off and pick you up - not hang around during rehearsals offering their opinions about the show to the director.

Keep doing this over and over. You'll know you're on the right track when you get cast a second time by a director. Anybody can get cast once. Getting repeat business means you're good.

Once you've got all of this taken care of, you should also have met and befriended several people in the business who can recommend an agency to approach.

Kiteman7 years ago
Join an amateur dramatics group (at school, or in your local community).

Get noticed.

Do drama at school.

Do well.

Whenever you are in a show, get somebody to take photos & video, as a portfolio to take to an agent, and make sure you invite local press along as well, so that you can collect positive clippings (plus, national press watch local press for stories).
Great suggestions. 
AndyGadget7 years ago
Get your parents to make a large helium balloon, then set it free and hide in the loft for a couple of days.  There again . . .

(Maybe that's not quite the type of fame you're after.)
DJ Radio7 years ago
If you're a kid, first of all your parents will have to sign the contract. 

Second, get noticed.  If you want to get famous, do whatever you want to be famous for, and do it well.  Nobody will want to see your acts if they suck.  Practice, practice.  If it's good enough, you will get street attention.  If you get enough underground/street attention, big buck hollywood companies will notice you and send some talent scouts out.

But I'd rather boycott hollywood any day.  I can get famous without them.