How do you fix a crashed USB memory drive?

is not recognized on the computer. (LOW cost)

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110100101108 years ago
start linux on the computer (you can run linux temporarily on a windows computer using live disk like knoppix 5.1)

plug in the drive

maybe itll work

if nothing happens open console (in knoppix its in start - system - konsole) and enter in

fdisk -l

unplug the drive (or if its unplugged plug it in and wait few sec) and enter

fdisk -l


copy paste everything related to the drive in what the computer answered to here (related = appears only when drive is in)

if the drive is really not seen by the computer try to apply pressure to it from the sides or tilt it in the port - maybe there is broken link thatll eventually touch and work. if it succeeds open and fix this link by soldering
HAL2.08 years ago
Check the contact points. Then do what they said. "i am sorry Dave, I can not do that."
Kiteman8 years ago
According to our network manager, usb flash drives that have crashed are generally unusable.
twenglish18 years ago
if it is not responding or anything then that means you might have corrupted it, which means it will probably never work again
beak908 years ago
If you can get it to be recognized on at least one computer than you can erase it and reformat it and it should be able to be read on the other computers again. If no computers will recognize it then it is probably not easily fixable. On the bright side, flash drives are pretty cheap.