How do you fix an Ipod touch home button?

I might be getting an Ipod that has a broken home button, is this fixable, if it is, how do I do it?

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7danimal48 years ago
dont go to apple unless you dont really want help. jailbreak it.
then go to cydia and get the SBSettings app, it has a toggle for people with broken home button.
To jailbreak it, don't you need a Mac to do it?
You can "jailbreak" (which only means "free" or "unlock" )you iphone or ipod touch with either a pc or mac, as long as you have the Quick Freedom program.
but you know that you need the home button to reach the dfü-mode, right?
Ah, thanks. I must have confused myself on the site. I saw one for the mac there. Must have missed the Win version. Thanks.
Big Boy228 years ago
I saw the sbsettings app but theres too many of them! which one is it???
Where did u find them in what part of cydia
jshaner6 years ago
try quickdo it works great
Wats quick do it and where can I do that
jkilgore16 years ago
Ok my iPod touch 2g 8gb in the home bottom
Wont work in I can't exit it out of any thing so if u
Know how to fix it please let me know u can
Email me at thank you
bassmonkey8 years ago
i would advise calling apple. you can probly get the number on their site