How do you fix an LCD monitor that appears to be fine when you turn it on but then turns black after about ten seconds?

The monitor shows picture when you first turn it on, but their is a weird buzzing sound in the back. After a few seconds the screen goes black and the sound goes away, but the green light stays on. It may be the backlight, but I have not been able to take the cover off (unscrewed all the screws but the case will not come apart, neither does the base come off). Any advice ("good advice") would be helpful. Monitor: HP L1706

frollard8 years ago
its the backlight - either get a replacement from a broken lcd same-model - or do a 'replace the backlight with led' mod - theres a few on ibles if you search.
snotty frollard8 years ago
Your problem might be the inverter in your screen. It is the part that feeds high voltage to the backlight. Click on my profile to see an LED replacement ible. I had a problem similar to yours and my method fixed it permanently.
The cover has to be pried apart. There's probably some special tool, but I just used flat blade screwdrivers. There could be a part of the base that also snaps off and is hiding more screws.