How do you freeze fresh whole okra from the garden?

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Burf6 years ago
Leave the okra whole with a small part of the stem attached, wash it in cool water and drain. Put it in a large freezer bag and put i in the freezer. It should be good for several months.
shern (author)  Burf6 years ago
Thank You Burf. Much appreciated. Will do.
I'd also recommend drying them thoroughly, otherwise they might stick together.

If you have room in your freezer, spreading them out on sheet pans and letting them freeze and then putting them into bags will save you from having one huge lump of okra. :)
acidbass6 years ago
burf is right but out the bag towards the rear of the freezer
shern (author)  acidbass6 years ago
Thank You very kindly. I appreciate the input.
acidbass shern6 years ago
no problem