How do you get featured?

How do you get featured on the site? How does the process work? Does it involve the # of views or is it a private vote from a group? To me, anything that's featured is more likely to win and it feels slightly unfair for other entries that are just as good. And how do sites refer to your Instructable? I've seen some with a long list of sites that reference them, which gives more publicity.

Just wanted to point it out. For my first contest I felt that entries beat me because of views, so I felt discouraged to enter more contests. If it's just a popularity contest, then I'm not likely to ever win. Almost all the older members always gets tons of views right from publishing.

I'm sorry if I sound jealous, but that's just how I feel.

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blkhawk6 years ago
To answer your question, something that can help is writing good descriptions of whatever you would like to teach in your instructable. Write with people in mind, provide detailed explanations and resist the temptation to assume that people know what you are writing about. Invest in a good digital camera and take good pictures of your project. Give credit to those sources where you got your information and do not forget to have fun. The most important thing is to share some of your knowledge with others.
frollard6 years ago
As others state, features are performed by the feature team who use the list CameronSS linked to decide if something is front-page feature-worthy. Does it influence contests, you bet it does. The challenge then, is to ensure all your submissions to a contest are feature-able in the first place. Those are the ones that would be selected by the judges anyway in the final judging rounds.
mary candy6 years ago
check it out :D
mary candy6 years ago
I make a ible for the cupcakes contest..
it was poor and did give me so much work.. I was featured :D
now I made other much better .. but .. I'm not featured.
I din't understand :P
lilypop6 years ago
I think 'Ibles are featured because of quality. Mine don't have that many views but they get featured. There's some guy trying to find the most interesting ones, and if he finds one, it gets featured. Just try to have clear photos, good instructions, and an interesting name and you should be good to go. The entries that get featured are like nominees for the winner, and then they probably choose from those.
lemonie6 years ago
Competitions have a large amount of popularity in them, but the winners are chosen by a group of fair people.

Features are selected as the best of the thousands, things which the staff want to show to visitors, it's not a standard certificate / grade which anyone should expect. But if a person does something that can legitimately be called awesome or well-cool, it ought to be.

Your stuff is good, but perhaps not exciting enough to be featured?

CameronSS6 years ago

Sites referring to your Instructable means that the site listed has put a link to your Ible and someone arrived here through that link. If someone finds it through a Google search, Google shows up. If Lifehacker decides to mention it, Lifehacker shows up. That's entirely outside featuring, which has nothing to do with Instructables.