How do you go about buying an old navy ship?

Obviously, this is a hypothetical, but i had a brilliant idea that requires an lst (landing ship, tank) which is basically a giant ww2 ship used for dumping tanks on the shore. how would you go about procuring one? legally, of course.
here's a pic:

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contact St Juliens Creek Navy Depo in Portsmouth VA and make a bid !
pop10007 years ago
my frend woud love a navy ship. how much money.
cyc4015 (author)  pop10007 years ago
i assume you'll be spending somewhere in the range of several million.
Kiteman7 years ago
Buy an old roll-on-roll-off ferry and paint it grey.
cyc4015 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
this would be a good alternative, if i wasn't also interested in the full living quarters, and distillation equipment. :)
when a ship is decommisioned one of th' outlets for selling off th' equipment is St Juliens  Creek ,  That includes th' vessel itself !

I dont know what you can afford ,  but th' value of th' steel in th' hull alone can run into millions of dollars !
cyc4015 (author)  gearhead19517 years ago
oh yeah, definitely out of my price range, but i like to flesh out hypotheticals with my friends, and this one was a fun idea, with the LST being the big breaking point, but it's fun to dream!
plumber_bob7 years ago
Purchasing that big boat it only half the battle!

Think of the shipping costs!  :-D :D