How do you ground a Tesla coil?

I've been doing research on Tesla coils, but some sites say to ground different parts. How do you ground one? Also, any other precautions I should have on a Tesla coil?

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what ever you do DO NOT ground a tesla coil to your house ground that is REALLY bad news. You will need atleast a 1 foot metail rod in the ground i use a 6 foot and it works the best for me if i measured right i get about 44 inch strimers.
chriskarr8 years ago
Well, to properly ground a Tesla coil, you need to have a ground rod in moist clay dirt that goes down at least a foot, for medium power coils (around 500-1000VA). Other precautions are that the secondary ground isn't near any devices or any other part of the primary circuit. The high voltages will destroy your capacitor.
I would add Never touch the line or primary circuit of an operating tesla coil. Do not look at the arc in the spark gap of an operating tesla coil . Always keep a fire extinguisher approved for electrical fires close by. Wear shoes with thick insulating soles. Keep one hand in your trouser pocket while energizing the coil. Wear eye protection. Wear hearing protection.
What if we have a 9kv teska coil, can we look at with sunglasses or something?
Good points, but they have nothing to do with the secondary ground. Thank you for helping keep him from killing himself, though! =)
Chris, I felt you covered the ground question very well, I was addressing the second part of the question " Also, any other precautions I should have on a Tesla coil?"
Comhippy8 years ago
Take a wire, and hook it up to a 1 foot long metal (make sure that electricity can go through it) stick. Take the stick, and stick it into the soil. Note that if it rained that day, not the best idea.
Plasmana8 years ago
What I know for all tesla coils that is powered by the mains MUST be earth ground. Some other people may ground their tesla coils on transformers that is powering the tesla coil and that is a very bad and lethal idea. The safest way to ground a tesla coil you can hammer in a metal rod into the ground and connect the ground wire on the secondary coil of the tesla coil to the grounded metal rod.
Derin Plasmana8 years ago
Why is grounding on the transformer powering the coil bad?Doesn't that beat the purpose of isolation transformers?
starwing123 (author)  Plasmana8 years ago
I meant where. I know you have to ground the secondary coil, but how about the primary circuit? Do you have to use the mains ground for the part of the primary circuit before the transformer?
No. The primary circuit isn't grounded at all, except for to the other high-voltage terminal of the transformer. Grounding it to mains will kill your coil.
Sorry, it will kill your coil, or your house.