How do you hard boil an egg that makes the egg easy to peel.?

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aeray7 years ago
After McGee (On Food and Cooking), the definitive science-of-food reference:

1) Don't boil.  Heat gently and cook at a bubble-less simmer. 180-190deg F/ 80-85deg C.
2) Use old eggs. Low albumen pH (of fresh eggs) causes sticking, and older eggs have higher albumen pH (after several days in the fridge).
3) If you have to use fresh eggs, add 1/2 t. baking soda per quart of cooking water
bajablue aeray5 years ago
Baking soda works every time!
SumGie7 years ago
What works for me is this:
1. Start with cold water.  Put your eggs in and bring to a boil.
2. Time 10 minutes from beginning of boil before removing from heat.
3. Immediately put the pan under running cold water, for an additional 10 minutes, before you begin to peel.
4. When you peel, make sure you break the thin layer just inside the shell, and peel them underwater.  The shell will then easily slide off.

Egg age, etc... totally irrelevant.  It's the forced cooling of running them under cold water that pulls the inner part away from the shell, and makes peeling a snap.

When I boil my eggs, after a couple mins of boiling and when I think the most outer part of the egg what has been cooked.  I take the back edge of a heavy knife and hit the egg so it cracks.  Nothing leaks out and they are considerably easier to peal

onrust7 years ago
Don't boil them too long, use OLD eggs, and put them in ice water after you boil them.
Re-design7 years ago
Don't boil it TOO long but most important USE FRESH eggs.  The older they are the harder they are to peal.