How do you hook up a battery to an Arduino?

I am making a circuit out of an Arduino Duemilanove and a 9v battery. To hook up the battery, you connect negative to Gnd under "power", but where does positive go? Vin, or 5v? I want to power other components (motors, LEDs, etc.) with the battery too. How can I access the power?

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jo_mo8 years ago
Excuse my shameless self promotion but you could always make one of these:

Attaching a 9V battery via the Arduino's power socket connects to the on-board 5V regulator.

ryantm8 years ago
The positive lead should be connected to Vin. 5v is the regulated 5v line. You should only use 5v as an output and it probably can't handle too much current draw either (I don't know how much.).
gmxx8 years ago
im not sure... you could wire t othe battery pack... i think the arduino has a power draw limit
gmxx8 years ago

this page will show you how to make a battery pack
But if you use the battery pack, could you access the power (to drive servos and such) through the Vin pin?