How do you install homebrew on a Wii using only a zip drive?

there has to be a way(I know it).

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robots1998 years ago
Homebrew on wii using zip drive,hmmm

Lets See......
Here is one on the twilight hack:

This is an entire series on wii homebrew---->

The series includes backing up wii games to a usb flash drive

need any more help, I will be free to answer any questions
samskinburg (author)  robots1998 years ago
But is there a way with out zelda
Not anymore. Nintendo has blocked all alternitives. You need to downgrade your firmware via flash drive, then load the twilight hack on it
samskinburg (author)  robots1998 years ago
I bet there is a way but nobody is trying to find it. I mean they jailbroke the 2nd Gen itouch which was considered "unhackable".
it was never considered unhackable by anyone outside of apple, and maybe some inexperienced noobs.