How do you keep a solar/wind AA/AAA battery charger from overcharging and.....

.... For wind chargers, keeping the current from going back into the motor?

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lemonie8 years ago
A diode would ensure current only went in one direction. L
Zem (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Are there different size diodes? If so, what size would be needed for just a small output?
lemonie Zem8 years ago
There are different sizes, depends upon the current / voltage you get out. It would be easy to test that, but GuardianFox has a better suggestion, although it's more work for you.

Zem (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Okay, thanks.
You need to build a charge controller circuit. The skill level involved is moderate to advanced, depending on how much adaptation is required. If you want a circuit diagram, search for "free schematics" online and start digging.