How do you know when you stand behind a tree?

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PKTraceur8 years ago
There is no behind of a tree, thus you cannot stand behind a tree. If the tree decides it has a backside, ask it. Just make sure no one is around... :D -PKT
Is there more to this question? Or is this a deeply philosophical probing into perceptions and spatial relationships?
Falcore (author)  manuelle_override7 years ago
nope it was just a stupid question i asked 1 year back to see if anyone will guess it (i had a bet with a friend he said no one will answer it but i can see he was wrong) .................. The tree is cylindrical there for has no back or front...i think
desertrat128 years ago
Wait until you have to 'answer nature's call', find a tree, when you have found the the spot to do your thing- that's the back of the tree!
and7barton8 years ago
Simple to solve ! - a. Stand facing the tree. b. Stick one leg out - Like a branch. c. Position your monkey on the other side (Didn't I mention the monkey before ?) d. Ask the monkey. You know it makes sense.
Falcore (author) 8 years ago
The tree's front side is the one the tree has leaned on and the back..Well you know...
cutt8 years ago
If you get near the tree and you are facing the tree you are behind it, if your back is to the tree you are in front of it. If the tree is next to you're shoulder (either one) then you are beside it. Simple enough?
Falcore (author)  cutt8 years ago
Nope...the tree has a front side and a back can't just make one up...
Gorfram8 years ago
When you know that some third person, place, or thing is on the other side of the tree, in front of it.
frollard8 years ago
the tree will lean ever so slightly towards the light. I choose to believe the tree 'faces' the sun, thus if you are in the shadow, you are behind it. Notable exception is when the tree looks directly overhead at midday at the equator - that tree suffers from a paradoxical quandry.
Bardouv8 years ago
When you can sense the tree in front of you.