How do you make 8 bit videos?

I want to make a music video and make all the video 8 bit kinda like this:

Anyone have any ideas on how to do it?

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frollard5 years ago
This is done exactly like any other animation technique - you create frames either by hand or in a computer, then you animate them. To make the shapes all 8-bit (and these look more 4-bit) you just...draw them that way.

Searching 'How to animate" or "how to make an animation" will explain exactly what you need.

iceng is referring to the microprocessor demoscene or games/graphics of old where you programmed the animation to happen and the processor did all the work. These days there are much more sophisticated tools to work with it.
Knives008 (author)  frollard5 years ago
With what program after effects?
you could learn animation in any of a hundred programs. That's not my forte however.
If I recall after-effects is best for taking existing footage and adding cg effects to it, compositing, roto, etc.

I'll leave the googling of "animation program" to you.
iceng frollard5 years ago
You got me :-)

I'm from the age of Toasters.
The first successful commercial electric Toaster was built around 1910....

Unless you happened to mean a video toaster?

Great insight ( video toaster ), I should not expect any less.
From someone with a snazzy floppy work table :-)

iceng5 years ago
You program microprocessors to do this for yourself and record it.
Knives008 (author)  iceng5 years ago
Microprocessors? Can you go a little more in detail on how it's done? Thanks.