How do you make a 3d ambulance cake!?

HELP PLEASE! My boyfriend is an EMT and i want to make him an ambulance 3 dimensional cake for his birthday. How do i do it?!

orksecurity8 years ago
Bake pound cake (or any other dense loaf cake), Carve it roughly into ambulance shape. Decorate appropriately. (I did a taxi once. Yellow icing for most of it, white icing for lights and glass, red icing for brake lights, brown icing for wheels, almost-black icing to outline edges of panels and fill in other details.)
BTW, any pieces you cut off in the initial shaping can be glued back on with icing to help refine the shape. That's where the "in service" light of my taxi, and its side mirror, came from.
Good idea! I love pound cake.
Putzer8 years ago