How do you make a XBox 360 controller mod that always works on XBox Live?

Hi I want to know how to make a mod that is guaranteed to work all the time on XBox live. I made a mod where you connect the middle prong thing on the board and connect it to the first person light, but it only gives me one really fast rapid fire and the rest slow till it builds up again. I always have full batteries and it does work on split screen like it is shown to. So I want to know if there is a way to make a mod that always works on XBox live. Please help!!! PS I know I can get kicked from live but I don't care.

well as companies do research they find controller mods like rapid fire mods so they patch they game preventing you from doing this there is no permanent mod out there yet. On call of duty black ops the FN FAL was patched after people were getting almost fully automatic weapon firing making it a great weapon because of high fire rate and damage.