How do you make a bike pump from scratch?

need a pump

its sound crafty ,I like the instructions it was easy to understand.

In order to make a bicycle pump from scratch, you first need to create the universe. But seriously, all you need is two pieces of pipe, leather, and two one-way valves. Then you need some hose of course and the part that attaches to the schreider valve on the bicycle. The pipes have to fit one inside the other. The pumping leather is just some unfinished leather attached to the end of the inner pipe so that it seals it to the outer pipe. Usually the leather also acts as the first one-way valve by leaking when the handle is pulled up. The outer pipe has to be under 2" or else it will be too difficult to operate by hand. If you can borrow someone else's pump and take it apart, that will give you a good idea of how it works. The second one-way valve is at the bottom of the pipe and attaches it to the hose so that the air in the tire doesn't come back out through the pump.
sharlston8 years ago
you probaly can but it would be hard so just buy a cheap one