How do you make a rapid fire PS3 controller?

I have a PS3 and I have been hearing that some people playing Call of Duty 4 have been using rapid fire controllers, and I have been wanting to make one ever since I had heard about it but I have not found any good instructions on how to make one. If you could please help, Thanks Alot!

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frollard8 years ago
1: It's difficult to work with ps3 controllers for the reason they have pressure sensitive buttons - your circuit has to mimic that action. 2: it's unethical to take a controller like that online. You can be banned from the psn (either your ID or your hardware console) which would suck.
3: If you're going to be a cheater, have some dignity and at least design the circuit yourself. Otherwise, you should probably just punch yourself in the face as hard as possible.
jford145 years ago
you can buy a good rapid fire kit from ebay:

* solder less kit these are more expensive but do come with a lot more mods

* or if you are good with soldering and dont want to spend a lot for £7 you cant argue with this every thing pre built

and u cant get done from psn for this i have a rapid fire kit and i use it all time the one i have is using a pic micro controller so it can be reprogrammed and new mods added the seccond link i posted this comes with all instructions and easy to fit where as the first one is just plug and play but i would recommend the second one thats the one i would choose
Mr.Freak5 years ago
go to
gwey Mr.Freak5 years ago
-=lixy=-7 years ago
I picked up this do-it-yourself PS3 rapid fire controller mod and it works perfectly. Installation took less than 5 minutes - just plug & play. PS3 IntensaFire
striker957 years ago
u can buy a rapid fire controler for you ps3 at this link 
it cost only $39.99 and you can ajust the speed and program witch buttons you want to use rapid fire on... it works via blue ttooth
it looks like a xbox 360 controler
cryptoni8 years ago
Its kool to have a rapid fire controller I modded mines but u got to beware using it everyday,.,.,.,.
hey there u say u know how to mod controllers