How do you make a real game or website for free?

toelle8 years ago
eh? do you want to make a game or do you want to make a website?! If you wanna make a game, go download gamemaker at
xconn toelle8 years ago
hay how are the graphics their after u make the game
stale56 toelle8 years ago
or 4 a site u can get a freewebs, go 2, but the domain name will be "", or u can get an account on or anyothe website like that, complete the offers, then chose a domain name as a reward
Google Sites will help you create a totally free website. NearlyFreeSpeech is very cheap and gives you total ownership.

As for making games, try studying some of the theory behind games before trying one of those cookie-cutter solutions. You want it to be just as fun to play next year as this year, right?