How do you make a robot vacuum cleaner yourself?

How could i make a robot which avoids objects whilst sucking up dirt off my tiled floor?

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aarone8 years ago
If it's just for your Tiled-floor, a sweeper might be better suited than a vacuum. Beyond that, just make a robot that avoids objects (probably via IR or sonics) and give it a support structure for a sweeper. (Ala iRobot's DirtDog.)

I used a DirtDog for a long time. Only bumpers for obstacle avoidance, IR was for virtual wall. We loved our sweeper for use on hard floors (that's all we have in our house).

i was gonna use sdpd switches as sensors
Aarnat8 years ago
There are many websites on how to build a robot. Look around especially if you have never built a robot. I have not built a vacuum robot yet, but I do build robots. Here is a list of stuff you will need:

-Time to research and plan, asking questions are a good first step
-patience, you will need it
-A computer, very handy
-Vacumm cleaner: one that works and you don't mind cannibalizing
-2-4 drive motors and wheels depending on your design. Id recommend a 4 wheel robot with all 4 wheels powered
-motor controllers, to power the motors
-robot controller: The robot brain that calculates and controls everything: to control motor controllers, get info from your sensors, etc.
-software and cables for programming the robot, since it will be autonomous (working by itself)
- At least one IR sensor could be fixed for proximity and a ultrasonic could be mounted on a servo that pans around to see around and measure how far away things are. More if you have the money.
-Several rechargeable battery pack and charger, you need power. You will also need a separate large one for the vacuum cleaner.
-DC to AC inverter, Because the vaccum is AC and you will be needing the robot to be portable so you will be carrying big DC batteries
-some sort of feedback, LCD, LED lights, buzzer, etc
-basic tools, and knowledge of how to use it
-wood, plastic, metal, etc.
-Hardware: angle braces, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.
-basic knowledge of electronics, mechanics, and computer programming
-a lot of patience
-and (unfortunately) a fair amount of money in the neighborhood of a couple hundred dollars
-safety gogles: be safe!

Good sites to check out:

Good luck! Make an instructable too!
Does the roomba just avoid obstacles and move in circles or does it actually map the room?
I have on it uses a (ir?) sensor on top to avoid obstacles and it moves aroun in random lines using its dirt detector to detect dirt.

The ones I have had uses the IR to detect a 'virtual wall' that sends out an IR 'beam' across a room or door way you want to block. The beam gets wider the further it goes. ... Sorry, it is not for obstacle avoidance. Obsticales are 'bumped', then a short reverse, and a 'random' turn to the left or right.

Roomba does not map a room. It does a random walk, and if left going long enough it gets it all from different angles. But it is not totally a random walk. Not as efficient as a planned walk, but it works. Also, if it finds something, it does a spiral out search until it reaches an obstacle. At times it appears to wall following. I really liked the DirtDog. No vacuum, just a floor sweeper.