How do you make a semi automatic knex handgun?

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Masterdude7 years ago
on my old semi revolver you just pulled the trigger which cocked back the hammer and released it
knexsniper18 years ago
so far, most of the semis on this site are not that powerful, but the way i thnk to make a semi auto is to have a mechanism that pulls the ram back if you are thinking of a ram gun, then the trigger can lock in. another way if you are making a rubberband gun is to but the rubber bands on a white connector and have that shoot the rubberbands one at a time. good luck, hope this helps! :)
Russian5000 (author)  knexsniper18 years ago
not a semi auto...
Yes it is.
oh, I misread. I thought he was talking about a regular pin gun.
Well, check out the guy named "oodalumps". He has made a few! There is 1 on this site, and 1 on another site called: