How do you make an improvised water bottle for hamsters?

 How can you make a water bottle for hamsters? Preferably using recycled plastic bottles.

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 Its just a suggestion, but what about a small mineral water bottle and a bendy straw?

Simply drill or melt a hole in the cap, making sure that the hole is just smaller than the straw,(the straw should actually protrude further in than I have drawn it.)

I made one of these when I needed to squirt water into a awkward space, ( nothing to do with hamsters!), and it did not leak at all.

Good luck.

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Hamsters would probably eat the bendy straw, but replace the straw with a metal tube (i.e. a piece of flexible sink supply line), and you're onto a winner. Maybe also add a rubber gasket or a squirt of silicone inside the bottle cap, just for extra unleakitudefulness.

I was going to suggest the bottle+straw.  I'm not sure hamsters would eat the straw, because every time they tried they would get a face-full of water.

("Unleakitudefulness" - love it!)
I was inspired by "downwardabilityness"....
myjenny3 years ago

Using a 1/2 in drill bit, drill a hole in the center of a plastic bottle's lid. Clean up any plastic bits, and fill the bottle with water. Place a marble in the bottle, and turn upside down. Some will spill at first, but putting your finger over the hole will minimize this. The trick is to make sure the marble protrudes a bit below the surface of the lid when upside down. The marble's weight keeps the vacuum intact, and water should only come out when the marble is disturbed, i.e. licked or bumped by the animal.

romer_872 (author) 7 years ago
 Thanks guys for your suggestions.. It was easier to make the water bottle with the metal rod and rubber gasket in the end.. 
lemonie7 years ago
These things are cheap enough, the tricky part is the ball-valve nozzle.
Assuming hamsters can drink form puddles I suggest this: