How do you make fake milk suspend in air ?

What are the material's i would need to make it from scratch?

Picture of How do you make  fake milk suspend in air ?
AndyGadget6 years ago
Use a stiff curved rod into a heavy base underneath the cornflakes..  Coat the rod with layers of white silicone bathroom sealant - the one which has the strong acidic smell. Once the rod is coated, slide on the milk bottle and glue together.

That's what the photo looks like to me, although you'd have to find some way of thinning the sealant to give the 'pooling' effect on the cornflakes.

iceng6 years ago
It's a plex tube pumping fluid into the bottle.

frollard iceng6 years ago
I'm pretty confident this one is static -- just a moulded plastic resin or silicone