How do you make fake rocks/boulders?

I'd like them to go around the pool area in constructing a water grotto so they need to be durable and water/weather resistant.

Kiteman8 years ago
How about...

Build a chicken-wire shape that matches what you want, then cover it in a layer of concrete (you can get powdered dyes to colour the concrete if you want). You could paint the concrete with masonry paint, or I think you can buy treatments to waterproof driveways and patios which could work for this.
jtobako8 years ago
With all the sculpting answers you get, none of them look great for long. Why not go with the real thing?
ANDY!8 years ago
Try carving foam, covering it with plaser and paint it. There are rock textured spray paints too.
get some rocks or lumps of concrete and crack them up with a sledgehammer!!