Can a real scope fit on a Nerf gun?


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sparky1236 years ago
I guess if you moded the gun.
lemonie7 years ago
Do a crime. Or did you mean legally? City trader. L
Bigev lemonie7 years ago
Consultant. Then you can steal from corporations... Legally!
lemonie Bigev7 years ago
Or a lawyer, if you're to take the question literally you can easily bill someone $5 for less than 10 mins work. L
Bigev lemonie7 years ago
"Ohhh... Sorry... That witty comment just cost you $20." It's that easy!
XxAwesomexX7 years ago
Ask your mom for a job
XxAwesomexX7 years ago
Ash your mom for a job
orksecurity7 years ago
To make money fast, don't let it eat anything. Making 30 bucks an hour really is fairly easy -- if you're willing to invest the time in learning a trade, or work really, really hard in lieu thereof.
Worst pun I've heard all night. You're right, 30 bucks an hour isn't hard if you pick the right trade and start working. It's even easier if you're willing to move to wherever the money is for your career choice. Ie. carpenters needed in rapidly expanding cities, oil workers needed at the latest and greatest well, etc.
bornon5117 years ago
recycle all the coper wiring and pipes in your house. of course this leaves you with no power and no water but who needs those things when you have money!
Rob banks.
...stole my answer.
Re-design7 years ago
Sell your blood. Just not all of it at once.
seandogue7 years ago
Well, that's only $30/hour...Get a government job...Mow a lawn, be real nice as a waiter or waitress in an upscale restaurant...
Put on some ratty old clothes, grab a styrofoam cup, and beg. Or, if you'd like to contribute something to society while you're panhandling money from it, get a guitar with a case and set up shop on the side of the street.