How do you make the little heart symbol?

I have been wanting to make the little black heart when I am typing but can't figure out how! Please help!

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GASSYPOOTS6 years ago
doesnt work with this vista
Re-design7 years ago
Here's a link to how to do it usually.  Some software requires a different method.  Some keyboards have a key you can reassign to any code(figure) you want.  Some software won't allow special key codes.

Google "ascii key code map" for a chart of the available figures.
.  ♥♥
.  It works. :)
slithien6 years ago
Easyest way is to do this
Not very good but its quick and easy!
happyjo (author)  slithien6 years ago
Yeah that is the way that I do it! Much quicker and easier!
nfk11 happyjo6 years ago
thats how i also do it.<3
well you will know when the time comes that i think of a good way
orksecurity7 years ago
Very minor quibble: The heart character is not actually part of the ASCII character set, which only covers the characters 0 through 127. It's part of the "extended ASCII" -- I forget the exact name of that character set -- which the IBM PCs standardized upon.

As Re-design mentions, some programs won't accept it, or use a different encoding.