How do you make this spinning thing?

 Saw this a couple of times and I wanna know how I can make one. I've uploaded a a picture of it so you guys can see it. Thanks a lot.

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A Crooke's radiometer
AFAIR there's a vacuum inside the bulb. The little vanes are made of mica sheets, and they're suspended on a needle point.

How's your scientific glass blowing ?
Actually, there isn't _quite_ a vacuum, as you can tell by looking at which direction the widget spins and thinking about why it spins that direction. (Hint: it isn't the direction it would spin if it was relying directly on light energy.)
Well, FTFA, "reaches a peak at around 10−2 torr " which is pretty sucky to me ! That 0.01mm of mercury ! You'll not get that from a sharp intake of breath...
rusheggie7 years ago
couldn't you make one out of an old light bulb? seal it up with epoxy and use something like a tire stem valve and suck the air out?
vince 097 years ago
 those things are cool my grandpa has one sitting on his window sill and when the sun hits it, it spins i think he said that the heat or the light causes it to spin, it was a while ago that we talked about it 
romer_872 (author)  vince 097 years ago
by the way, what's the name of this thing anyway.. 
how do you make one??
Learn to blow glass, well enough to pull a vacuum in it. There is a guy, who I can't find a link to , who is making his own vacuum tubes, which are pretty well what you need to do here. If I find it, I'll post a link.
romer_872 (author) 7 years ago
 any idea how you can make one yourself??