How do you make your hair grow faster?

Other than extensions, that is...

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SidharthS12 years ago

shave ur scalp two times in a week in opposite direction at least for 6 months.and use ramdev babas oil and kesh kanti hair cleaneser.

Well my brother shaved my head and i wanted to know i can grow my hair faster between a day because i have a dance tomorrow.

Well my brother shaved my head and i wanted to know i can grow my hair faster between a day because i have a dance tomorrow.

the message8 years ago
the best thing you could do is pray. it worked for me and it can work for anyone. trust me you might think I am crazy but its true! God is real!!!! so just pray and trust me buddy you'll have long beautiful hair in no time!!
I do believe in God! And he is GREAT!! but I think she's looking for something alittle more than just praying.........I mean great feedback but Im sure this person is looking for some supplement to praying!
lol that's awesome
opaqe7 years ago
Tip 1. what you want to do is stay heathy if your body stays healthy your hair stays healthy and will grow.
Tip 2. Look for split ends if you find some cut them off with scissors(however you spell that -.- )
Tip 3. When you shampoo your hair make sure to just shampoo it on your roots and when you rinse it it will come to your ends of your hair....and opposite for conditioner so when your using that just condition it near the ends and the middle part of your hair.
Tip 4. Sleep.Its the most intereting way but works...if you have spare time just take a should take a nap every once in a while.
Tip 5. Try not to Straighten, blowdry, or curl your hair...heat will damage your hair badly.
Tip 6. When nyour hair is wet it is so sensitive so make sure you brush/comb it gently with a comb.
bluehook8 years ago
Cut it - the more you cut it, the faster it grows, whether you want it to or not.
cut it in wat way u must b clear if ur talkin bout shavin it doesnt work for a lot of ppl but wen i dont wash mine it seems 2 grow faster
Cut it with scissors or clippers, doesn't matter, but I have no experience of shaving it, so can't comment.
blake10078 years ago
I wanted to make my hair grow fast last year cause I wanted a longer style, so I looked online for something to help me. I eventually ended up at the website So I bought the guide (which didn't cost much), and I used some of the techniques and recipes they gave me and used the special jumpstart program, and they really worked! I was so surprised at how fast my hair started growing. It was awesome. So if you got a couple bucks to spare, I say you mind as well check out that guide. I'm glad I did. It was the best purchase I ever made. :)
fwjs288 years ago
where exactly is the hair?
extensions = head
We can always hope!
I'm not kidding you, but if you wash your hair every other day, it starts to grow longer because of natural oils.

If it looks oily; don't wash it!

Soon your hair will get accustomed to the oily stuff, and you might not even have to wash it 2-3 days in a row.

Next thing you know ITS STRONG N L0NG!
Gorillaz has a point; the natural oils in your hair contribute to its overall health (healthy hair grows better). When I was living in Colorado, I was inspired by my colleagues to start eating a healthier diet, which at the time consisted of a lot of canned/processed/frozen foods. Once I began eating fresh meats, veggies, fruit, eggs, cheese, etc, my hair began to grow extremely fast, nearly 2" per month on my head. This may or may not work for you, but if your overall health is improved, or you simply start getting all the necessary nutrients and essential good fats and oils, it certainly should. Like long haired cats and short haired cats, I think genetics play a big part in how your hair grows. Some men can grow beards down to their knees, others (like me) cannot. I live in Albania at the present time, and a custom here was to shave a baby's head at bith, and for a while after that. I'm not sure if it was a year or more. They did this to induce thick, strong hair in their children. Same principle applies to men/boys in shaving your faces: If you want to grow a beard, shave every day in both directions for a few months. I did this when I was 14, and I went from peach fuzz to Taliban in no time.
The advice about treating your hair gently is good, but watch out for expensive treatments or anecdotal home remedies. Rather than doing anything strange to your scalp in hopes of "shaking something loose" or to your hair in the hopes that the long-dead protein structures will suddenly be miraculously revived, how about just making sure you have a healthy diet?

Most folks in the US eat plenty of protein and more than enough calories, so if you have any deficiency, it's probably with vitamins and minerals. (Be sure to talk with a doctor if you have a BMI under 19.) Plug a few of your typical meals into a nutrition calculator, or MyPyramidTracker, for example. If you find your nutrition meets the guidelines, that's great; your hair is probably doing the best it can.

If you're like most of us, you might consider loading up that grocery cart with bags of frozen dark green veggies. Check the nutrition data first: green beans aren't bad, but collard greens will give you lots more nutrition per cup and per dollar.
71superbee8 years ago
Prenatal vitamins seemed to work well for my wife.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
massage your scalp once a day only a myth i've heard
I've always heard Mane n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner, but it may be anecdotal. Comb, don't brush, and eat nutritiously is my bet.
=SMART=8 years ago
Hang upside down, gravity is your best bet :P
Protein, vitamins, Orange juice. Hot and cold temperatures make it thicker.
Also, avoid unnecessary treatment such as brushing, using a hair-dryer or straighteners etc. Trimming the ends also helps and prevents split-ends.
I'd agree with Danielfish about not using hair dryers, curling irons, etc. which can damage your hair. Towel dry only -- you'll be surprised how much faster your hair will grow, (mine grows too fast!).
rsk115848 years ago
daily in night before sleeping apply coconut oil and sleep and in morning wash off the coconut oil ur hair will be strong n long