How do you motivate people to pick up trash so that roadways are safer and wild life and planet do not suffer?

I see so much trash along the highways here in Texas. It is dangerous because it draws boars (wild pigs)who get hit by cars and trucks,

Lately there has been so much I fell like telling people Trash Texas instead of please do not litter or Don't Mess With Texas.

How can a person motivate others to beautify the Road ways again?

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get your government to put a 10c recyclable charge on all drink containers and shop bags , get the manufactures of the products to pay the government 10Cents for every item made or brought into the state , print on the label and stamp it into the lid " 10c deposit in TEXAS" , set up recycle depots every where to accept the rubbish , sound imposable ????

south australia has had container recycling since 1975 , and the northern territory will start on the 3rd of january 2012 , it works

yes, your can of coke will cost 10c more , but if you do the right thing , you get your 10c back , if you dont , someone else gets your 10c
We pay 50€ cents for each bottle, I can tell it works
iceng6 years ago
It will be picked up.
By us poor penniless types after congress has sucked this country and your state of all monies and we search for valuable recyclable trash items :-((

you're right. Figures money would be the only driving force in this country.
This country try the world ....
not the WHOLE world. but yeah, about 98% of it i'd say is driven by greed
Anyway there are no pockets in the suit of a dead and no toilet in the coffin neither.
Sadly we let so much fill the earth as trash when probably 90% could be recycled. Why wait til it's a "have to" situation. Our world will only give back to us as we give to it.
Scary to think would some of these people treat their houses as they treat the planet. It's much more so their home
simple you tell them if they don't clean up after themselves you'll burn their house down or kill their pet dog or something like that works for me when ever I want someone to do something
fart out.
Is that just a hobby or is your position? If so when are you going to retire ?
TigerNod5 years ago
Interesting question, that keeps many people busy. Glad you wish to undertake something like this, many such operations worldwide could make a big difference. Here is what I have to say about it:

There has been research about the reason why people litter. That research has in the Netherlands (where I live) already let to a series of inprovements. I will get to that soon.

A short survey showed the most inportant reasons why people litter is because they do not think about it or because they can not find a way to dispose the litter fast enough and need it out of their way. Very few people here will litter no matter what, but that is a small group of people. Most people can be conviced to take action and do something good for the planet, if they do not have to make much effort themself.

The second is easy to solve. You need litter bins. When there is a litter bin there close to where people unpack their snack or empty their can, chances are more likely people will throw it in the bin. This also helps solve the first problem, which is that people do not think about littering; when they see a litter bin, they are reminded that they should throw their trash in there. (For this reason, it helps to make litter bins visally attractive or remarkable. Just like commercals.)

Now, for your problem, with littering next to the street, this is a bit more difficult. But it can be done. In the Netherlands we have these thinks called "blikvangers", which means "can catcher". It's a little joke in Dutch because "vanging" a "blik" also mean drawing attention.  I have included a image: it is basically a net which you can throw something in while you are driving. You do not have to stop to throw it in (so you dont lose any time throwing it away and you dont have to make effort to throw it awya) and it is an fun challenge to throw it right.

Wikipedia on a can catcher: The one on the left seems the easiest to make and could be made with DIY materials.

I dont know if they have them in the rest of the world too, but I dont think so, because these can catchers were made for cyclists (cycling is popular here; there are more bikes than people in Holland, and we have special cycling lanes). For cars drivers, which drive faster, this would not work. They pass the catcher too fast to trow it in. But I came on this idea: what if you would have like a ditch, some 10 meters long (dont know how long it should be to throw something in) and a meter or two wide, and have that function as a trash can? Put some fence next to it so the boars can not get in, include a sign so people know it is a litter bin and not just a random moat, and clear the bin regularely. You could also use a net, stretched alongside the road and sloping away so that litter will roll to one spot. That would make it easier to clear. Maybe if you put something like a dartboard next to it people will drive by and try to aim it right in the bin. People would be reminded why they need to keep the road clean. Maybe people will find it fun to aim trash in the moat; and so, more people will do that. Would not that be great?

As a matter of fact, I think moats are just naturally a place where most people would dispose their litter. Here in Holland there are many moats along the road (they are to let water drain from the land) and they are always filled with litter. Maybe people just like trowing litter in a moat.

So yes. A 10 meter long litter bin to throw litter in while on the move. That may be a good idea. (Could be wrong.) One problem might be that litter would land next to the bin and boars would still come... You could put the fence a bit further to prevent that. I dont know if boars can jump very high or destroy a fence so that might be a problem too. But still it's worth giving a try and I think you should do it. Takes effort to build, and its easy for me to say what you should do, but see it as an expiriment; if it is successful, maybe the mayor or local press or something will find out and more will be placed. This ties in with Eric Raines answer.

And also, people might be more alarmed if they hear that boars can cause damage to cars. But that might also be a reason for people to hunt for boars more (Texas is a pretty conservative state, right?). I dont know. Final point is, people can be convinced to clear their litter, if they dont have to make much effort to do so.

Best of luck anyways, I hope you succeed in your mission! Dont give up!
EricRaines5 years ago
Write a letter to your representatives, your mayor / governor, and your local newspaper on the issue. In your letter explain your opposition to the trash and the damage it has caused and may very well cause in the near future. Further in the letter explain a bi or trimonthly event in which you intend to invite and hope the community will attend in cleaning up the roadsides. Be sure to mention the possible nation-wide publicity alongside with the thought of plans for a community constructed statue made out of recycled previously discarded garbage; being built in name of Texas's pristine nature and clean future roadways.
At least, it will give a little credibility to a concerned Texan.

Denger5 years ago
Get involved in Scouting, as a volunteer. Seriously, two tenets of the international Scouting movement are "being conservation minded" and "Leave No Trace". It can be difficult (though not impossible) to win the hearts and minds of adults who tend to be set in their habits (good or bad). Start with the young, and show them the way. Often, their parents and other family members will follow suit...
Maybe put up posters with images of cars that have hit a boar and say "You want this to happen to you, then dont throw your garbage on the road" I know no one that wants to smack into boar and destroy their car.
Turtlepwr5 years ago
Make them lunch and find girls in bikinis get them to start picking up the trash then men will follow
Ian015 years ago
1. Get an RC helicopter (I suggest quadrotor) with a gripper of some kind and sufficient load capacity and speed.
2. See someone throw trash out of their car window.
3. Use the helicopter to pick up the trash and throw it right back in!
Turtlepwr Ian015 years ago
Best answer made me laugh
AustinL97 Ian015 years ago
That would be awesome...
Gregoirski5 years ago
If i see someone throwing thrash out of their car, i follow them till we have to stop for the red lights, go to their car, ask them to open the window and say :
"Excuse me, it seems like you have lost something ?"

The trick is to keep polite & a little bit sarcastic,
the 2 times i went into pursuit, i caught them, and they apologised for their ... mistake ; )

And your still alive to write here today ;-)

metalarts5 years ago
Pay them.
too expensive, man
I suppose your right.I wonder,when does it become cost effective?When it's knee deep and the cost of clean up is less than the cost of treating the disease and pestilence?What an extraordinary life form we are...:)
iceng metalarts5 years ago
I believe that was the central premise in my scenario ;-)

bajablue iceng5 years ago
lol.... I couldn't agree more.

Children learn by example, too.
yea our earth is being polluted by everything and not many people realize that
take your ak47 and tell them "clean or eat my lead"!! lol lol
DeceptibotX5 years ago
What people do in one country is take the dead koalas and paint them red, then put them on the side of the road to show how many are killed. Another way is to start a cleaning event.
Perhaps motivation might come by seeing. I pick up what I can when I see it. Don't know if others see and feel compelled to do the same, but I couldn't get much done if I was having to worry if others saw me or followed. That's up to them, I can only hope they will do as they feel led and feel good for what they have done.
iceng5 years ago
Our city gives, dedicates segments of road to service clubs placing Signs on highways announcing the club to "police" the trash on their area of responsibility.

This works well because eventually winds bring outlying er.... trash to the
well watched road areas for pickup.

Create posters containing slogans and action words. Include also the possible consequences and the extremes of putting trash everywhere.
dnelsong5 years ago
Visit for advice:

cool knex135 years ago
Finally someone cares about the world ecosystem

There is a few things you can do....

Make an advert about no littering

Get First school children to make posters saying "no littering"

Go to a first school (I am in England and I do not know if you have First schools if not got to young year people) Tell them about how littering is bad and how you can save the animals and how the place can look nicer.

Do it yourself

Get friends to help you pick up litter

Go to the town hall (If you do not have one go to however organises stuff in your area) and ask if you can put posters up saying how illegal it is to litter.

Go to the police station and complain about the litter

Join a party that will stress your views

Ask your area to help out with cleaning the place

And that is about it hoped it helped :-)
hmfoster5 years ago
well if you tell people to think about what the world will be in a few years. if they don't listen then wall-e is a very realistic future for us.
It is impossible... motivation only comes from ones self.
To help provoke motivation, however, there is a tactic used by sports coaches and drill instructors... make the litterers feel like crap. Insult them, cause them to look inward.
They'll hate themselves and strive to be better.
themoose645 years ago
infob5 years ago
Initiate an urban legend about... I don't know... gold rings and bracelets falls out of hands protuding of the cars' windows, or drugs thrown away by narcos pursued by the police.

Who knows? It may even be true!
Hippymike965 years ago
You could
A- make a facebook/ twiter to help premote the idea
B- You could make a public service annocument (its free and can be on tv/ the radio)
C- You could star a charity that provides information to people about the cause, porvides supplies for anyone who wants to do it
D- And last the thing that motivates anyone MONEY, you could offer a reward to the person who collects the most lbs of garbage
In Australia we don't have the same garbage problems as you have in the US, but one of the best things we have is 'clean up day' each year which is sponsored by one of the large banks here, they advertise it on TV and then supply throw away gloves and garbage bags at all the trouble spots. It becomes a family affair and people bring picnics and have a good time out.
dbrown2255 years ago
tell people what will happen if they don't pick up there trash
themoose645 years ago
put up signs that have sad pics on them people always respond to that.
soul1015 years ago
hmm well if you are going to tell them to pick up their trash it seems impossible well it is in the INITIATIVE of a person to pick it up well yeah looking at trash is really bothering but how bout making VOLUNTARY SERVICES like picking it up by yourself??? well it is hard also but you may choose to LET IT BE and let them look at their TRASH WORLD maybe TEN YEARS LATER and that may let them cursing at theirselves after well REGRET IS IN THE LAST PART hope this helped ^^)
curvy776 years ago
threats work well enough. blackmail never hurt nobody (well cept those being blackmailed).
Well theres many things you can do you can show people like graphs and charts of what the future will look like, simple stuff like that might do something
Say that the cans can be made into more cans for beer :)
It worked on my 3 neighboors.
canucksgirl6 years ago
I don't think your going to motivate people just to stop and pick up the trash of others, but you can motivate people in other ways. One is with money. Where I live there are many signs along the highways telling you what the fine is for littering ($1000.00), I don't know about you, but I'm not about to throw trash out my car window and pay a fine. I'd rather dispose of it in one of the many trash cans found at rest stops along those same highways. If your area has neither penalties for littering or trash cans, then you should look into passing a law for that and getting trash cans supplied by your roadway dept.

There should also be a department responsible for the cleaning of roadways (as is here) and contact them as often as necessary to deal with it. People may change their attitudes when they realize how much tax dollars are spent cleaning up after the lazy slobs of the world. (The fines they pay however can offset some of those costs.)

Lastly, take pictures and submit them to the Texas tourism board. Where I live, tourism is taken quite seriously. The thought of losing visitors over trash would probably get you some support from them in lobbying for change.
zerochance6 years ago
Not sure you can but about the only way to motivate people to do something they don't otherwise want to do is to appeal to their emotions. Get them to stop and think about what they are doing and let them change themselves.


Quickest and easiest is to make a video showing the results of people's careless behavior. Show the litter, show the animals that get killed foraging along the highways. Add some shocking statistics to make them think. Post up on Youtube and hope it goes viral.

Plan B. Pick up the trash yourself while doing something so outrageous that it is bound to get you on the news. Use that opportunity to get your message out. Pick up the trash along the highway while wearing a giant daisy suit. Or, if you don't mind the jail time, wear nothing at all. Guaranteed to get you on the news. Esp if you call them beforehand and tell them where you are going to be and when and why you are doing it.

Plan C. Start a grass roots effort. Post notice that you are looking for volunteers for the clean up. There are going to be at least a few others around who feel the same way you do they are just too afraid to do something by themselves. If you take the first step, others will follow. Set a date and time, invite the news, get the word out. Change the way people think about it. Best strategy there is to get them to change the way they feel about people who litter. Believe it or not, some people actually think its cool not to care, change this.
jabronie256 years ago
Here on Guam, we usually hold big Coastal clean ups. Big events where people from all ages (mostly from schools) come to the beaches, parks and caves and other places gather up to clean up the surrounding area. It's usually followed by events like dinners, parties or just hangouts
the reason wild boars are getting hit with cars is because there are too many of them.
The beer cans are there because no one wants to get pulled over with an open container of beer in their car. (never mind the drinking and driving)

Try writing a letter to Gov Perry's wife. If lady bird Johnson can get TXDOT to plant bluebonnets every year on the side of the road then im sure Gov Perrys wife can get them to pick the trash up.
jj.inc6 years ago
You can't, its inevitable that it is going to happen, all you can do is make something to pick it up.
Littering seems to be part of the Texas heritage. The attitude that most people have is that as soon as their trash blows across their propery line, it bcomes someone else's problem. The only way to change firmly held beliefs such as this is to get celebrities to endorse the new way of thinking. Just like with recycling, it wasn't cool when joe citizen explained the benefits but after Hollywood stars jumped on the bandwagon recycling and "green" living suddenly became cool. I am glad to know at least one other resident of this state finds littering and dumping repugnant.
kevinhannan6 years ago
You approach the probation officer.
iceng6 years ago
This is a great opportunity for intelligent design in a wheeled picker robot
( big Rumba ) that rides along a  highway collecting trash with vacuum
spider like arm pincers.
I got a design in my gray cells.

onrust iceng6 years ago
From Bud Lite cans in Arizona to Coors cans in Texas........ it may be an interesting venture.
iceng onrust6 years ago

That's right........ you are into making wheeled devices :
onrust iceng6 years ago
Not only that, I've pedalled from Tucson to Phoenix several times and from San Antonio to Texarkana one time. The cans are there I'm just always trying to make time.
Sovereignty6 years ago
Did you mean to ask how to keep people from littering in the first place? 'Cause you can motivate 'til you're blue in the face; make laws, put a gun to my head...I ain't cleaning someone else's trash.

framistan6 years ago
Some people do litter, and no sign will stop them. Therefore it is useless to dwell on it and make yourself aggravated about them. Some portion of litter blows out of garbage trucks and other trucks hauling junk and things. Some of the litter is items people place on their roof ... like a cup of coffee... then drive away and it blows off. Therefore, some of the litter is not thrown out on purpose. So try to not be so upset about it. The police have a system of giving tickets to solve some of the problem of ON PURPOSE littering. In our state of Missouri, we have a system of churches, families, and other groups who volunteer to pick up litter. As a reward, a sign is placed on the road with their name on it that says (something like), "THIS MILE OF ROAD IS KEPT CLEAN BY THE ST LUKES CHURCH " So it is like a free advertising sign for their church. If ONE PARTICULAR stretch of road is bothering you because of litter, then you could go there once a week or month and voluntarily clean it yourself! Or you could start a volunteer litter-cleaning idea like we have here in Missouri. I think the volunteer road signs help because it reminds people that SOMEONE has to clean up if they litter. Hope that helps.
Kiteman6 years ago
Try signs that say "Do You Trash Texas?" with a cartoon:

The cartoon has the Texan flag spread over the landscape, and a car is driving over it into the distance, leaving tyre-tracks and trash all over the flag.

Burf6 years ago
In Arizona, they use chain gangs.
Dang! That's what I was going to say.  But you beat me to it.  Actually the words I was planning on writing:

"You make it a condition of their parole."

God bless the Former U.S., and that part in the 13th Amendment prohibiting involuntary except for prisoners. Ha!
Oops. Editing too fast. That should read "involuntary servitude". You know, slavery. It's funny when you're on the outside, erm... you know, not a prisoner.
lemonie6 years ago
People are disconnected from the land when they are traveling over it.
The road doesn't really exist, and particularly the road behind them and anything they've ejected...
You might get some paint and write big notices on the road (~6 feet wide), and cartoons of trash (stretching ~10 metres) that sort of thing.

caarntedd6 years ago
Destroy their planet with garbage and they will know better next time. Oh, wait a minute........
Re-design6 years ago
you can't. If people want to toss out trash they're gonna toss it out. I live in Texas also and even with the fines people still toss it out. I don't think it's the trash that causes boars to get hit. Every year 1000's of turtles are run over while crossing the road.Some animals are just going to cross the road and get run over.

Why did the turkey cross the road?

Cause it was the chicken's day off!!