How do you post a guide on instructables?

In the Submit section, there are options for submitting instructables, videos, or slideshows, but nothing for guides. Do you need to be an instructables bigwig to post a guide? Is there some sort of criteria you have to fulfill?

pass the mouse over the menu "create".
will appear some options. down in the left there are 6 small orange squares. the top right say "guide" you click it and make a guide
Kiteman8 years ago
Good grief!

(This makes at least #11)
Ananand (author)  Kiteman8 years ago
LOL sorry i didn't see that!
gmxx8 years ago
actually, submitting a guide is currently a beta feature only available to a certain people. you should be able to submit a guide sometime in the near future. i am not an instructables bigwig, so i don't have a timeframe however.